Friday, 14 February 2014

Buying a New Mazda Car

The decision to buy a new car is a big one—a vehicle is a large expense and there are a lot of different options out there to choose from. Because there are so many decisions to make when you are deciding on a car, it can be a very overwhelming decision. There is also a lot of pressure to make the right decision because cars are so expensive and when you purchase one, you are making a large commitment. If you decide on some key features that you want from a new vehicle, it can reduce the amount of time you have to spend searching through vehicles and can help you feel more confident in making the final decision. Here’s some advice on picking out vehicle features before you start looking for a new vehicle at a car dealership like Premier Mazda.

What Features Do You Need?
 Before you make a trip to a dealership like Premier Mazda, you will want to make some important decisions on vehicle features. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out what you need from your new vehicle. First, how much space do you need? You need to decide if you want a large vehicle with lots of room for passengers, a vehicle with a lot of storage space, or a smaller, compact car that can transport a lot, but gets better gas mileage. Second, what weather and driving conditions will you be driving in regularly? If you live in an area with a lot of snow, rain, ice, or unpaved roads, then you are going to need a vehicle that can handle those conditions. Looking at the driving conditions that are specific to your area will help you figure out if you will need all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive. Third, what kinds of luxury features would you like? Though some of these features may not be essential, they can be very important for your comfort and satisfaction with your new vehicle. So, think about what luxury features you’d like to have, like rear-view cameras, blind spot alerts, heated seats, etc.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It Is Important to Read the Full Contract before Signing

Whether as a business or an individual, it is easy to skip over contracts and just sign on the bottom line. However, it is important to read the full contract before signing it unless you already know what is in it. Too often, there are cases in court that seem ridiculous and obvious that one party should get their money back, but there was some odd clause in the contract that protects the other party. When signing a contract, it is important to know what you are signing and agreeing to do. Also as important in the contract is to know what the other party will do per the contract.

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

You know the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? This especially holds true when dealing with contracts. If something sounds too good to be true and then you are asked to enter into a contract with your signature, that should be a red flag to you. It is especially important in cases like that to read a contract before signing.  

Never Sign without Having a Copy

When entering a contract, it is crucial to keep a copy on hand. It is best to request a copy of the original that you signed. Having a copy will allow you to review the contract without the pressure of being in an office where everyone is waiting on you. In most states, there is a legal time limit in which a contract can be voided without penalty. Having a copy of the contract allows you to read the contract again and make sure that you are okay with the contract you have signed.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask to Alter a Contract

If you are okay with most of the terms after you have read the full contract, but have some minor changes that you would like to make, don’t hesitate to ask to have it amended. In many cases, the changes you desire can be accommodated without causing any heartache to the other party, while bringing peace of mind to you.

Allergic conjunctivitis

This is not something I like but this is what I suffer from! I got hay fever and aside from the usual symptoms of sneezing, runny or blocked nose. I also suffer from allergic conjunctivitis which means I usually get very itchy and watery eyes due to dust and pollen's from grass, tree, and weed! 

The pollen symptoms based on what I have observed usually occur during springtime, early summer and in late autumn.  Now in the past 2 weeks, I have this very bad allergic conjunctivitis, which cause my eyes to itch and seems watery most of the time. In severe cases (due to wind, dust and pollen) my eyes would turn red!

Anyway if you got the same symptoms, I have here some remedy tips for allergic conjunctivitis.

1.       Take an antihistamine
2.       keep your eyes clean

You can keep your eyes clean with cotton wool and clean boiled water. All you have to do is soak the cotton wool into cooled boiled water, remove the excess water and gently clean away the discharge on the eyelids and eye lashes, if there are any. Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurant's Supplies

For anyone who is into hotel, restaurant, bar or catering business, there is an easier way of getting all supplies without driving to shops or browsing search engines for a particular item. Now you can save time and money by getting all your hotel supplies in one online shop. This Hotel Supply Online is called Peach Suite and I actually think they got it all!

To make this clear, I am not into hotel business now, but have worked in a hotel before and I do know what sort of things are needed in a hotel or even a restaurant. This website was referred by a friend  and to be honest, I cannot think of anything negative about the website! Plain simple but does have a wide range of categories listed from hotel furniture’s and appliances for kitchen, dining, bedroom, bathroom/ restroom, to outdoor. There is a wide range of concessions, storage and toiletries available too! Plus it is so easy to find a specific thing, as the webpage has its very own search engine and you can just type a specific item you want and get results in a flash! And as of prices, I think they are very reasonable.

You are welcome to check them out by clicking the above link. Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NZ Home loans, recruitment agency and video production

On this blog post there are about 3 topics and all from New Zealand! Please be aware that I am compensated for this post, so all the content on this particular blog post is based on instructions given by the sponsor but ideas and opinion are my own.

My first post might be of interest for people living in New Zealand who are planning of getting a mortgage. We all know that due to the global economic and collapse of the property/housing market, it is now difficult to get a mortgage, but never lose hope as there are still some companies out there that does offer a good chance for people to get a mortgages like this viventium home loan, have actually read their website and their offers really look promising! Cannot tell you a lot about it but they do offer refinance, investments property, first time home buyer and many more and you are welcome to check it out yourself. 

The second post does not have nothing  to do with the above post, but still in NZ! This one is for people looking for jobs in NZ as well as Employers recruiting for jobs in New Zealand. These are called recruitment agencies and actually the new trend now! AS far as I know, this is now the easiest way for employer and applicants to meet, all you have to do is register to some recruitment Agencies online and you will get emails of jobs that match your job description, as well as your resume will be viewable to employers. 

My 3rd post is about video production company in NZ! Now there are many similar video production companies in your area as well as around the globe but this one I am posting with the given link is located in NZ. Anyway, you might want to take a look at Video Production Auckland rates and services as it is really competitive! 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Love my boots

On the photo is my latest boots from Dr. Martens and I really love it! One of Dr Martens Triumph boots and I think the only suede ladies boot I have seen from Dr Martens. I had it for about 3 months now, use it on daily basis on walks to school and the boots still looks like new! Very durable like all Dr. Martens shoes and boots but what I love about this boots aside from the lovely style is that it is not as stiff as the ordinary leather Dr Martens boots!

This Aimee boot is really stylish; it has 9 eyelets, can be worn up or down by folding the sides and buckling it on the back showing the vibrant floral print lining which I think is very striking yet feminine! It also comes with two lace styles, one of which is a brown ribbon and another one an ordinary brown shoelace.  I have not use the ordinary brown shoe lace yet, as I really love the ribbon on the boots! In fact I made 2 more ribbon shoe laces using satin ribbons and a plastic straw as an aglet.

 Black laces
Blue laces

My shoe laces are not perfect but I still love my boots!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Zipz Shoes Giveaway

Want to own a brand new pair of Zipz shoes? Well, my sister Amy of is running a giveaway until the end of this month, the 31st of May 2013 and one lucky winner will win a brand new pair of this funky shoes!
All you have to do is join on the Rafflecopter below and try your luck! But please note that This is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY! The lucky winner will receive a confirmation email and is required to respond within 48 hours or Rafflecopter will pick another winner. Also, ZipShoesUSA is the main sponsor of this giveaway and is therefore the company liable for the prize and the delivery.

Would also like to state that I am not compensated for this blog post and so is my sister Amy. Good Luck!
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