Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cheap 19 inch TV

My husband and I recently bought a television as a present for my parents, and I would say its definitely a bargain! It is a band new, 19-inch widescreen HD ready LCD TV with freeview and we got it from the website where they compare prices of wide range, top brands 19 inch television. Honestly the prices you will see in this website are cheaper than any high street shops and they updated it every hour. I think, it was a great deal!

Happy New Year!

Wishing Everyone a Happy new year and all the best to come for 2010!
Attached here are some quotes for you to read and enjoy:

Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to. ~Bill Vaughn

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~Bill Vaughan

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. ~Author Unknown

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. ~Author Unknown

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

No one ever regarded the First of January with indifference. It is that from which all date their time, and count upon what is left. It is the nativity of our common Adam. ~Charles Lamb

New Year's Day is every man's birthday. ~Charles Lamb

Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty. ~John Selden

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Get good bargains in auction

It’s a fun and cleaver way to get an item for such a low price! They call this a penny auction or pay-per-bid auction wherein bids are purchase in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. Like all other auctions the price increase a few cents with each bid placed every few second to the clock countdown, giving others the chance to bid. Here are some good things about the auction, the winner usually saves over 80% off retail, nobody loses because if you do not win you receive up to 50 Bonus Bids as a thank you for participating, and you can purchase the auction item less the investment you had in the said auction, also if you also win, they would typically make an offer to buy the item back for either by cash, PayPal or check.
Since this has just been launched in early November, this online auction only serves people in the North America and they got this exclusive no obligation offer in which you can get 15 additional bids if you use this code BBP1202A. But you have to hurry, because this offer will only last until the 15th of January 2010. Join in now and grab yourself a bargain!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Anglesey Wales

The name Anglesey is thought to have come from a Viking place name. In old Norse the -ey ending indicates an island named after a particular person (cf. Bardsey, Orkney, Ramsey, etc.). Anglesey is probably derived from "Ongl's ey", Ongl's island.
Anglesey also has the village with the longest place name in Britain: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. when translated into English, means "The church of St. Mary in a hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and near St. Tysilio's church by the red cave". The name was actually coined in the nineteenth century to attract tourists to the Island. It is abbreviated to Llanfairpwll or Llanfair P.G. by the locals.
South Stack is one of Wales' mist spectacular lighthouses, situated on Holy Island on the North West coast of Anglesey.
Me, getting ready to get down on 400 stone steps to the island.

Trearddur Bay, located in west Anglesey.

Caernarfon Castle, located on the western end of town Gwynedd, north Wales. This was taken from inside.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Discounted Christmas Gift Shop

It is now five weeks to Christmas and I am now starting to look for a good Christmas deals online. I have always been an online shopper because I usually find great deals and I also want to avoid the stress in Christmas shopping. This year I aim that I am going to start early, so I have been browsing online and found this TV WIFI cellular phone selling for an amazing wholesale price of $145.99 it is definitely a bargain and I think this is a perfect Christmas gift for my husband. For my daughter, I think I might get her the car DVD player I saw on this shop, it looks great and cheap for what it is.
This website sells up to date christmas gifts for everyone, so if you visit the shop you will see categories for moms, dads, kids, grandparents, husband, wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, with a huge discounted rate on all items. Aside from gifts, they are also selling lovely dresses, decorations all on unbelievable and unbeatable prices. The items are great too, some home and personal stuff that are very useful and fun like electronic devices such as mp3 players, mobile phones, video’s and camera’s. There are a lot more to choose from in this website and this is probably the best discounted rate christmas gifts sale I ever saw online! So check it out now and grab yourself a bargain.

West Yorkshire Wind Farm


"Wind farm" is a group of wind turbiness in the same location used for production of electric power. Individual turbines are interconnected with a medium voltage (usually 34.5 kV) power collection system and communications network. At a substation, this medium-voltage electrical current is increased in voltage with a transformer for connection to the high voltage transmission system. A large wind farm may consist of a few dozen to about 100 individual wind turbines, and cover an extended area of hundreds of square miles (square kilometers), but the land between the turbines may be used for agricultural or other purposes.

This Wind farm in the picture is located in a wonderful country surrounding in Halifax West Yorkshire England. There are about 22 windmills in this Eco-friendly energy generating farm.

The view on this farm is absolutely beautiful.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Change the way you charge with Powermat

. It is a black mat, sleek, compact design that will charge up to three devices at the same time. I actually find this product very cleaver because of no more tangled mess of cords and it charges as fast as a standard adaptor, which has reminded me that this also saves time in searching for the right adaptor every time we remember to charge a device. Since this product is very stylish and compact, you can actually use it either at home or at the office and believed me; it does look great when displayed! There is also another design of this product called portable mat, I saw this on the Website where my husband got this mat charger, and I really like the simplicity of the product and how small it is when folded for stowage, which I think is brilliant for travelling. Like the power mat, this portable mat also needs a power receiver that connects to devices like iPhone, Blackberry, MP3 players, and Nintendo DS. These types of receivers are beautifully designed and I just cannot believe how it looks so stunning on my iPhone! I think this is definitely a revolutionary change in charging!

I have attached here a video of the product so you can see how great it works. Check it out now!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Blog hopping will resume before Christmas

To all my friends who have visited my blog, I first of all would like to thank you for leaving messages and posting comments on my post, I want you guys to know that I really appreciate those simple thoughts left here in my blog . I have been a bit busy these past few weeks because I’ve been organizing my daughter’s birthday party and also preparing things for our holiday. I promise to get back to you guys after this holiday, and will start my daily blog hopping routine all over again. Thanks once again and I will see you in your blog soon.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Translate any languages with Translia

Good news to everyone! I have just read online that this translation service is now more affordable and quicker than ever. As always, they have maintained the world's largest professional translator network and all jobs are done by the translators who possess the necessary subject expertise, from business, finance to electronics and mechanics. In my opinion this is brilliant for all businesses who wish to expand abroad as they can use to translate documents within a day or even in just several hours with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Yes, you don’t have to pay anything until you’re satisfied with the job, which I think is fair enough to everyone. The good thing about this translation service is that there is no minimum word count or minimum charge requirements, that means clients can translate as many as million words and as less as one word or one sentence, saying brand name, business card translation, and so on. Now, with its affordable and fast service, small businesses or even you can hire them too! I would say this is a revolutionary to translation industry that is available to everyone!

Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means

If you live in one of this country, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan, then you better check this out! This will surely make you smile as you may have known or have been to some of the places Charley Boorman has travelled. I have watch this on television and have seen he has been to my home country the Philippines, and also stop by my home town Cagayan de Oro to be a barber, it was very funny. This is actually Charley Boorman second series of By Any Means, this time starting his adventure in Sydney and travelling up the Pacific Rim through Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan, to finish in Tokyo, Japan. Well, I think you should check it out yourself, its on BBC's website.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

You Gotta See this contest!

I just got to tell everyone about this new contest I found online where you can post your video and at the same time get the chance to win fabulous prizes such as $5000 in cash, HDTV package worth $2,500 or a flip ultra HD camcorder worth $199.99. Yes, one of these can be yours, but if you choose not to receive the item, an optional cash prize will be given based on the said amount of the item. Now that is absolutely brilliant!
As I have been to the webpage, I found out that joining is fun and easy too, all you need to do is choose one of the three categories for your entry and once you have submitted your video, you can then tell all your friends to watch your video by sending them the link and encourage them to vote for you. So basically, the more votes you get, the better chances of winning!
Most of the videos submitted were original music videos, sports videos, and daily life experiences videos, and looking through some of those, I find most of them very entertaining and educational in the sense that it teaches people the importance of having a good vision or better eye sight. If you want to get more information about this, or if you just want to check it out first, you can visit iLASIK Video Contest now to check out the rules and guidelines of the said contest.

Google updates

On the 31st of august 2009 Google has updated their toolbar page rank, and some new sites have PR and some have stabilised like this, it has been PR0 since I bought the domain and still maintained its rank 0. However, my new blog Chloesworld which is only 2 months old and has 7 posts has now been rank PR2. Well, I don’t really know and understand how Google calculate it, but it does not bother me anymore. My sister’s blog Amiable Amy has also been stabled but her other blog beyond photography has now been rank PR3. Well, congratulations to all who gained a Google rank and for those who haven’t, don’t worry too much about it, just keep on blogging and make a friend, that’s the most important thing! It is always nice to be visited and greeted online every day, does it?

Monday, 2 November 2009

The perfect acne treatment for me

I have just been talking to a friend about her acne problem and how she has wasted a lot of money trying to experiment different products on her face. I too use to suffer on acne before and luckily my mother in law is a dermatologist and she has given me a cleanser and a cream that has work miraculously on my face. I have shared this experience on my friend and also advice her to get the same product I use which does not have this chemical called benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is usually one of the main ingredient used in acne products, and can cause cancer. My mother in law has explained all the damage this type of chemical would do to your skin over a long term use, this would lead to premature aging, due to the fact that it will dry your skin so much, it would make the skin’s ability to heal irritations and wounds slow down, and the worst part is, it can cause cancer. Actually it is best to read the label of the acne product and read the ingredients first before using it, or you can research which product does not have this benzoyl peroxide. My Acne Cream is actually amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone I know.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Happy Holloween!

I wanted to go trick or treating on to your house, but I am a bit busy, so I am sending this to you.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Company Consultants

I have been reading through some of the news lately about company losses, and what causes it. It has said to be that most company losses were actually negligence of management and its workers. In most cases, companies are not able to identify how they have lost over the competitors. This is why an online guard card is very important in helping business to improve their profits and help maintain their growth safely. Basically these are Security Consultants that will assist every companies needs like analysing techniques, which includes technical, analytical, and human intelligence. They actually have a firearms training in Los Angeles for you to check it out, and I’m sure you will find it very useful as their forensics team is certified in various technological systems such as Network+, Security+, and CISSP. A+, Linux+, and Oracle Certified Professional.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Body building supplements

If you are a body builder, then you will find this optimum nutrition supplement very useful. I recently came across this website and I was very impressed on the information about supplements that will increase and help develop a strong muscle tissue particularly to bodybuilders. I happen to have a friend who is into body building and he is very particular in his daily food intake and now I am happy to share this website to him because I know he need this for his muscle development. The website offer products like the optimum nutrition amino acids which will aid in repair, growth, and development of muscle tissue, the whey protein supplement that will help you achieve lean muscle mass, the strength and recovery supplement which will add vital nutrients to your body, regain the energy needed, increase motivation and stop depletion of vital nutrients, the creatine supplements which also help in increasing muscle tissue and support greater strength and power. The last one is the pro complex supplement and pro complex gainer is designed to enhance your muscle-building potential. Now based on what I have read, these stuff are really good and basically everything you to enhance your body. Check it out, you might find it useful too.

Algadon Free Online

Fancy a role playing game? Then try this free online RPG, this is actually a free medieval fantasy themed role playing game, that allows players to perform quests, battle monsters, beast, place boundaries, and fight other players. My husband is actually crazy about this game and it’s his favourite pass time. I have also tried the game and I find it very interesting as you can purchase weapons, armour, food and potions to help your character become stronger to be able perform or advance to the next level. The quests are full of adventures and as you go through the game you could avail more weapons, armour, potions, food and more. I am not an expert with this and I’m still learning, but as a beginner, I definitely love it! This game is for free, so try playing it, you might like it too.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Torrents Search Engine

I just want to share this search engine that I recently found and use to download music and videos, this is called queen torrent. This search engine has a lot to offer like it has a simple interface that allows you to download files quickly, powerful in a way that it is very easy to use and can handle such complex searches, can download lots of games, music, and films for free. I have been using this recently and one thing I like about this is that when downloading, I always get a complete file. I have been to a lot of sites before and it is frustrating as sometimes after a long wait I got an empty one or sometimes an incomplete file. Since I started using this video torrents, I have never came across any problem with downloads and as I have observed in this site, their files are regularly updated and everyday bots covers thousands of sites with torrent files and add them to the database. Well, I think you should check it out yourself.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Get your WoW Gold this October

If you are looking for a good internet shop to buy wow gold then you should check out this They sells World of War craft gold and other virtual currency for a good value and all orders come with a 100% money back guarantee so buyers do not have to worry about anything. My brother who is a war craft fanatic, always get his gold here, and he says the speed rating is very fast, they got excellent service, the easiest site he has ever use and best of all, it has a great value for money! That’s why he always comes back to this shop, as it is trusted and already rated as the #1 seller. So, if you want to save time and skip more boring aspects of game such as gridding, then buy gold for world of war craft starting this October at

Monday, 5 October 2009

Backsplash ceramic tile

I just got to tell you about this ceramic tile that I saw online, it was absolutely a brilliant piece of artwork. These tiles are actually hand painted in a studio in Jerusalem, and were a family tradition since 1922. These are Backsplash tile which are usually installed in the kitchen above the cooker and oven tops, it then create a beautiful focal point with hand painted art such as peacocks, trees, floral patterns, and animals. These are not just any ordinary tiles, these tiles are hand glazed and fired at a certain temperature that the colours and glazers are sealed in permanently and won’t fade or wash away. Since they are very elegant they can also be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, walls, exterior walls, counter tops, table tops, fireplaces, and doorways too. Check it out! I’m sure this is just perfect for your home.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sleep right with melatonin

Got a sleep problem? If you do, this melatonin UK will help you solve your sleep problem just like how it did with mine. I use to suffer from insomnia until I have discovered this website that sell and delivers melatonin online anywhere in the UK and Europe. It has been well know throughout the world that melatonin is a natural sleep formula that will help you get you back to your usual sleep pattern or get you the right sleep you been longing for. To give you an idea of what it is, melatonin is actually a naturally occurring hormone which our body develops to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and as we grow older our level of melatonin drops. That is why younger people seem to have fewer problems with sleeping than more mature people.
Based on my own experience, melatonin is like a heaven sent product, as when I started using it, my sleep pattern has gone back to normal. At first, I was hesitant to try it, so I did a bit of research online and came across this website, the advert of melatonin was very eye catching as it says it is natures anti aging sleeping pills, so I phoned up to their customer service to inquire more about it, got all the information I wanted and I was very impressed on how polite, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable they are. In terms of delivery process, it was fast and the item is well packed too. Remember that getting the right sleep is not expensive, for as low as £6.95 at you should get that right sleep you have been longing for.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Acer Aspire Revo Desktop PC

My husband bought this Acer Aspire Revo last week, looks great and is surprisingly affordable! It is a space-saving PC that is capable to serve a person’s everyday computing needs with ease. It features an NVIDIA ION graphics solution coupled with the low-power Intel Atom 230 processor, and it could perfectly balance extreme value with functionality. In addition to tackling basic computing needs, it was designed to perform as an ideal infotainment solution for streaming movies, TV shows, music and other on-line media. It is a compact design and its HDMI interface makes it a perfect fit for the living room, where you can connect it to a big screen TV for enjoying digital media or casual games with family and friends. The processor is a bit slow using the Vista, which is already supplied when bought from the shop, but upgrading to window7 will make it faster and smoother, which is what he has done. Out of 10, I would probably rate it 8, because it is not a heavy duty kind of thing.

Monday, 28 September 2009

2009 Best web hosts

If you are looking for a good web hosting service, Then I would recommend that you have to research first before getting into a deal, and I found the best place to look for best deals in In this website, you will find loads of web hosting services, the prices offered, ratings and hosting reviews which is very helpful, as it is very tricky picking out the best hosting service. It is somehow confusing as they usually they the same services and promise good value for money. With the help of you will find out how they defer through the reviews and rating given by real customers. As I have been exploring about it, I found out these important factors you should consider like the technical support, marketing bonuses, and web credits. The feature also defer in some ways like some offers unlimited space, traffic and rates, all these can be found in the website too. The reviews were from customers experiences based on technical support, reliability, customer support, and how user friendly the hosting service is. So based on this, you will also know what you’re getting into. It is in a way comparing the market of web hosting in seconds, as you will immediately see the list of award winning web hosts based on budget, blog, forum, UNIX, windows, PHP, emails, ecommerce, multiple domain, VPS, reseller, and best dedicated hosting. This website has a lot to offer and I also found some interesting articles in their blog section which you might find interesting as well. Visit them now and check out the hottest deals online!

New Watches

I saw these new watches on TV last night and I was so amazed with their features. The first one is a watch phone by LG, This is the first properly touch screen watch, video phone, and a text receiver as well. The features is very similar to a usual mobile phone.

The second one is a num8 children’s watch, this is use to monitor the location of your child via GPS, using a mobile phone or a computer to find your child’s precise location. It is very cleaver as it will inform you when your child is out of safety zone and if this watch is removed it will also send you an alert message on your mobile phone or through email. This is somehow a great product, but the problem with this is that it gets a signal through mobile phone coverage, so if your child is out of mobile coverage area, then it is impossible for you to track him or her down, also I don’t think this product should replace parental supervision.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Job seeking tips

If you are looking for a job, or you already have one, but failed to get that promotion you always wanted, then you might find this information I found on the internet very useful! I recently came across the website, and discovered that they have just launched the Gillette Career Advantage which is designed to help men, by giving them information and advice they need to succeed in today's competitive job market. With the help of experts, Mark Jeffries and Brett Fahlgren from GQ style correspondent. Based on the recent survey commissioned by Gillette and conducted by Harris Interactive; more than 500 HR professionals have indicated that 84% of HR professionals agree that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well groomed. They also found out that 90% of HR professionals based their first impressions on the physical appearance of the applicant rather than a firm handshake. There are actually so many things you could learn from the Gillette career advantage, logging on to the Gillette website, and taking part in the quiz, will enable you to evaluate, your own job market knowledge. Personally I recommend that you visit the Gillette Resource Center to obtain more information on Gillette products and get tips and advice from the grooming and career experts.

The good thing about having a small car

Having a small car is not that bad at all! Most small car does 60 miles to the gallon and only costs £35 to tax a year which is very good, especially that gasoline prices are creeping up again. They usually call these cars economy cars, because they don’t come with a lot of special features, but there are companies that gives option on installing standard safety equipments like side air bags, anti lock brakes and electronic stability control. It is small but it could accommodate a minimum of 4 average size adults without any serious problems. It is very cheap to insure, and maintenance is quite low too. Best of all, it is great for small countryside roads.

Online Business Opportunity

I came across this great business opportunity on how to earn money online, this probably is the most profitable online investing activity I have seen and it is open to everyone who wishes to invest money online, all you have to do is Sign up for Stable Interest and leave all the work to them. Basically what they do is manage the investment you made and invest it in the market. Their business portfolio includes more than 20 most favorable investment spheres, like futures market, stock market, currency market and many more, so that is good sign that will bring you a big profit in return. They are a team of professional traders and analysts with experience in the financial markets for buying and managing investment funds online which is great if you are planning of a home based business or a second income source. In terms of investing they got easy options for you to choose from Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or even Bank Wire transfer. This could be a good income source for you, so don’t wait long, check it out now!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cordless fence sprayer

My husband got this Fence Sprayer yesterday and he was very impressed on how easy to use and how light it was even when full of paint which is a five litre tank capacity. This is a battery operated machine and since it is cordless it delivers fast, accurate, and even coverage of paint in just a push of a button. My husband use to paint the whole fence and decking in about an hour using a paint brush, but with this sprayer, it only takes him 20minutes to do the job. This fence sprayer was actually recommended by a friend because he used to have a pump sprayer and still takes ages to get the job done; using this, he says is twice as fast as a pump sprayer. It is also easy set up, and easy clean up, all you need to do is just simply clean it out with warm water and you can store and re-use it anytime you want. This item is very practical, and I would recommend this to anyone I know.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bingo Online Directory

Want to find out where you can get the best online bingo games in the internet? Then check out this online bingo directory that has a large database list of online bingo games including free online bingo and pay internet bingo sites. Not only that, this also has a review of each displayed bingo website for you to read and get some more ideas of the said bingo, like its bonuses and prizes. Check it out now and play Online Bingo!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

West Virginia chatroom

If you are interested in making friends online through chatting, then check out this west virginia chat lines. Actually this is compose of different chat rooms which gives you a chance to choose whether you want to chat with people from West Virginia or chat with people from all over the world. Aside from the usual avatars, private chats, sharing photos, and profile, this chat line enables you to view the person that you are chatting through their high quality live streaming webcam and audio too. Since this has many chat rooms, there is also a chat room is you only prefer to chat with beautiful West Virginian ladies, all for free. Have a go, join in and start making new friends online.

Friday, 11 September 2009

The hottest gaming forum

If you are into games like consoles, PC games, or even internet games, you might be interested in this website that I found. It is actually a gaming forum where in you get ideas and news of what’s latest and the hottest games all over the world. You can talk about games, technology and also ask questions with regards to technical problems. In the website, you can choose which forum to join or just read on to. There is a forum for games console where you can talk about multi-cultural family of consoles from the family friendly Nintendo wii to xbox360 and share tricks and talk about the latest release. A forum on PC gaming's where you can talk about casual gaming and a forum on esports, the wonderful and mysterious world of nerdy competition. Not only that they do forums, you can also compete with other gamers online in their arcade and get to know players and see who got the highest score. Join in now, and be a part of the world’s fastest growing game forum in the internet.

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally leather represents the 3rd Wedding Anniversary and leather gifts are given based on the durability of this material being analogous to the durability of your marriage!
If you are going to give your partner jewellery then options are pearl or jade. The relevant colour theme is white or green, and associated flower is the Fuchsia (which means taste).
Gift ideas for the third wedding anniversary include leather wallet, handbag or briefcase, leather bound book, engraved vase, perfume bottle, wine or champagne glasses, engraved glass tokens or perhaps an engraved decanter.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Tweet your way to win a Macbook or iPod

I just want to share this information I found on my Twitter, it is a contest where you could win some great prizes. This was actually a tweet on me by a friend in Twitter and I find it very interesting, that’s why I am sharing it with you as well. The contest runs from the 9th of September to the 7th of October 2009, and if you are also interested, you can join in too. The contest is really easy to join; all you have to do is purchase a domain at which is by the way at the very low price of $7.99 or you can join in your Twitter account by registering through their Twitter domain registration service, which is what I did. Once you have registered your account, you will get an entry to the draw on October 7, 2009. On the said draw date, they are giving away a brand new Mac book laptop and 4 new 8GB iPod touches and I am very excited by this, because I have got several entries now and I am hoping to win the laptop, however if I could win one of the 8GB iPods, that would be great also!

If you are interested in joining in, you can visit the website to get more information on how to enter the Netfirms contest, or take a look at this video tutorial on how it works, I got it from the website and you can use it as a guide too.

St. Michael's mount

St. Michael's mount is located in Marazion Cornwall, about 9 miles from the Lizard peninsula. The castle of St. Michael's was dated back to the 12th century, and was owned by St Aubyn family since the 17th century. In the 1954 Francis St Aubyn, the 3rd Lord St Levan, gave St. Michael's mount and a large endowment fund to the national trust, retaining a 999-year lease for the family to live in the castle. While the national trust now handles and ensures the preservation and conservation of the mount, St Aubyn family still continue to live and manage the island as they have done since the 17th century.

I have taken some photos of the said mount and its surroundings.

This is how it looks like when its low tide, usually around 4pm in the afternoon. You can walk going to the mount and back to landing point at Marazoin.

These motorboats carry’s passenger during high tide, from the landing point in Marazion to the mount.

This is the small village of the mount.

Free Amsterdam Chat Rooms

Do you want to get to know people and share interest with people over the internet? Then here is your chance to do that! Join in to chat rooms where you can chat live with high quality streaming webcams and audio. Through this, you get to chat with people all over the world, view their profiles, and send private messages, as well as photos and avatars. This has many chat rooms and if you are interested in beautiful Amsterdam woman, you can chat with them live on a webcam and it’s all for free.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Online car search

Thinking or planning of buying a new car? There is an amazing website that allows you to search new cars, used cars, car leasing, contract hire and van leasing from the best dealers in the UK today. Here at they got all the things you need and wanted to know in getting a car, with a huge database on car makes and models, I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for. Aside from the searches you will see reviews of different car makes that would help to give you more information about the car and its performance. They also got links to competitive loans and insurance for you to compare and get the best policy and best deal possible. And that’s not all, you can also sell your car at the website in less than 5 minutes and it’s for free! Yes advertising if free for now, as it is their special offer to beat the credit crunch. Check it out now, and start using the UK’s number 1 car search engine.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Designer Beds

If you are looking for a perfect sleeping sanctuary, then look no further! Here is a furniture online shop that sells the finest selection of designer PLATFORM BEDS. Take a look at their wide range of elegant bed selection from contemporary platform beds, modern Italian platform bed, Osaka platform bed suite, Modern platform beds and Upholstered storage beds which are perfect if you are cramped for space, because these platform beds has a storage underneath to put and tidy things like clothes and bedding's. They also got an exclusive collection on leather bedroom sets for that elegant look that you always fancy. I would say, for designer bed like this, the price is really a bargain! So, check it out now, and find the perfect bed for that perfect sleep you been longing for.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Family tent

This is our 3rd tent, a Gelert Lokon Vario 4. This about a year old now and I would say this is the best tent we got so far! We decided to get one like this because we wanted the extra living space for cooking and sitting in when it's raining.

The tent has 2 separate bedrooms each one capable of housing a double inflatable bed. So my little girl has enough space to play in her room.
The living area is large, plenty of room for chairs, a table, cooking area, etc. It comes with two ground sheets, one covering the whole area and the other one is just half size. We use the half ground sheet, so we can leave our wet shoes, water, cooking equipment and cooker in the ground, so water spills would just go directly on the ground. The front door can be totally unzipped and taken off or moved inwards to give a smaller living area and a covered outside area. The side can also be unzipped, so we put a wind breaker around it and my little girl can play there on her paddling pool when it’s sunny. I would rate this tent 9 out of 10 star, based on its durability, size, and value for money.

Here are some pictures taken during our camping in Cornwall.

The weather was not so nice, so this is what it looks like in the afternoon, fog all over the place.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Check out this new start up beta

Would just like to share this new start up beta launching this September, an online software where you can share and also downloads stuff for free. Basically what it does is manage all your stuff all in one web to make it easier and faster for you to get into the desired page or application you want. With this, you can also share things like music, games, videos, and a lot more to all taketake users, and likewise you can also take whatever application you wish, as long as it is available. You will also be able to write reviews, discuss, ask questions and engage with others like you who are using the same things, which I think is a cleaver and good idea.

Monday, 31 August 2009

St. Ives Holiday

Photos were taken at the famous St. Ives beach in England during our 2nd summer holiday in 2009. The weather was not so nice, but we manage to get some lovely photos of the beach.

About St. Ives:
St Ives, the most famous of Cornish holiday towns, loved for generations, is easy to reach by road or by air and easy by train, too, along one of the most spectacular railway journeys in Britain to crystal blue waters, golden sands and a warm welcome. We nearly forgot the mild sub-tropical climate, warmed year round by the Gulf Stream!
Life here is cradled around the harbor where boats still land good catches of freshest fish for the local restaurants to nourish you with. Brought ashore on the ancient granite quays, the catch is of the highest quality for your dinner plate or for the tables of some of Britain's finest restaurants. A maze of tiny cobbled streets to wander through, lined by fishermen's cottages, with a breathtaking seaside vista to greet you at the end of each one.

So, if you are thinking of going on a holiday, make sure to protect your family and love ones by making sure you get the necessary insurance. If you are in the United States get a term life insurance quote and find out how much you can save by getting the best deals you deserve.

Waste Management Software

For waste industries like skip hire bins, residential waste collection, or commercial and industrial waste service and disposal operations. There is a new soft ware that would help you manage your business easier, by using this Waste Industry Management Software this will give you less paper works, less overtime, and less cost. This software is actually awarded offered by, an online application for helping waste management organisations collect and report on data that they need to keep track of. offers latest in technology to the waste industry which has complex and often dangerous requirements. The application includes job dispatch software for automated communications replacing mobile phones with on-board computers and they also tightly integrate with Google maps to allow our users to view any location data, like addresses directly on maps. This award winning software is actually a must for every waste industry and if you are interested with the product, you can check it now and avail their 30 day no obligation trial.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

University Clearing 2009 (UCAS)

Following the publication of A-levels results on the 20th of August 2009, there have been numerous reports of students becoming concerned regarding future University placements, leaving them unsure of what cause of action they should try next. Well, as expressed recently by some experts, students should not panic. Firstly if you are a concerned student you need to check if you qualify for your first choice or insurance choice university. If your grade was not as you expected then it is time talk to a clearing adviser who will help you find the right course for you. Try calling the University of Bedfordshire’s clearing adviser’s on their hot line number “0800 013 0925”. Since the 20th of August they have been recruiting students onto their courses via their clearing process and will be opening up clearing vacancies from the 20th August until the end of September 2009. University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2009 offer a wide range of courses to choose from, along with help and support with any financial concerns. You can actually check out their UCAS clearing eligibility at their website if you qualify, then check out the wide range of clearing 2009 courses, the right course for you could be waiting for you.

A friends visit

A friend came to visit me last week, the 13th of august 2009. I have not seen them for a while so they decided to stay in a BNB (bed and breakfast) nearby and stayed for 2 days. They came and see me on the 13th of august and we decided to take them out for a walk in Bolton abbey and took some pictures. Here are some photos I took from my Nikon D40 camera. As I have said before on my previous blog post, this is my first DSLR camera, so I am still learning on how to use it properly. I hope you like the photos.

About Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on the banks of the River Wharf. With just under 30,000 acres of beautiful countryside, over 80 miles of footpaths and ample space to run around and enjoy the fresh air, there is something for all ages.
What to see and do at Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey is the perfect place to do as much or as little as you like. From a brisk walk across the moor, a fun day for all the family at one of our many organized events, a little retail therapy and afternoon tea with friends or a private moment of tranquility.

Find a family event near you

Good news to all parents living in the states! There is a new and fun way to get the whole family together in a special family event near you. Get your kids involve in fun activities and you can join them as well. With the help of the widget, you can view all events within 60 miles from where you are and choose which one suit you best. As a parent I always want my child to get involve with community events, not only that it helps her boost her physical ability, but socializing does a lot of good to a child’s mental development. Sadly, we don’t have this here yet in the UK, but I wish it were available here. By installing this widget you would be up to date with all family events within your area, the day and time and location where it will be held. Just perfect for a busy mom like me, as I usually just take a glance in my computer once in a while, and don’t have the time to spend browsing different websites. By logging on to the widget website you could win $1000 by just installing this handy widget on your blog, social networking profile, or other websites. So, anybody who visits your website or networking profile can also browse events and activities near them, and if your blog gets the most views, you could win the $1000. If you are interested in this, you can get more information and view the promotion at


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Washing stuff toys

To all mommy readers, you don’t need to go to a laundry shop and have your stuff toys dry clean. Cleaning your child’s stuff toys does not need to be costly, all you need to do is put the stuff toy inside a pillow case and pin it or tie it. Wash it in the washing machine with a washing powder, and set on a gentle wash. It does not need long to wash it, just set it on a quick wash and then spin dry. Once finish, you can hung it, to let it dry properly. Once done, you can really see the big difference; it will smell good and look like new. This method is also good in washing trainers’ shoes. However if your shoes it is too dirty, hand washing is still the best solution for it.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Number 1 Hotel search engine

I have been browsing online today looking for a hotel in Philippines, as we are planning to go there for a holiday and see my family this November. I was so amazed with this website as they got every hotel listings in every city in the world. You can view hotel pictures, details, prices, and attractions that they recommend and best of all reviews from previous hotel guest. You can also sort out the hotels by price, popularity, stars, name and distance, so basically you got all information you wanted to know on just a click of your mouse. Once you found the right hotel, there are listings of booking websites where you can select which you think would suits your budget, and then you’ll be transferred to the webpage of the booking agent. They are independent comparison website, so they are not paid to promote any particular website or hotel. As being the world’s number 1 hotel search engine, they want to Spread The Word For Charity so every time someone blogs, tweets, or fan them on facebook they give money to charity, that way they can help others as well as advertise, which I think is very cleaver and good idea. There are 3 options on how they do it; they give $20 to charity for a blog mention, $10 to charity for a tweet and $5 to charity for becoming a fan of their Facebook page. You can support them in their good way of reaching through charity by doing your part too, just choose one of the 3 options.

My Nikon D40 camera

This is my first SLR digital camera, and I totally love it! My husband gave this one last month, exactly the same as what he got, because he got fed up of me always borrowing his camera. Anyway, this SLR is amazing, not only had that it taken excellent photos but the battery last a long time. When we went camping, my husband took 600 photos and the battery status is still half bar. When we went on holiday back home in the Philippine, we never charge the camera for 2 and half weeks, until we get home here, it never run out of battery. The photos here in my blog were mostly taken by my husband on his Nikon D40 camera. Now that I got one, I won’t have to borrow his camera, well, except for his converter and long lens.

Here are the specifications of Nikon D40:

Resolution: 6.10 Megapixels
Kit Lens: 3.00x zoom
(27-83mm eq.)
Viewfinder: Optical
LCD Size: 2.5 inch
ISO: 200-3200
Shutter: 30-1/4000
Max Aperture: 3.5
Mem Type: SDHC / SD
Battery: Custom LiIon
Dimensions: 5.0x3.7x2.5in
Weight: 16.8 oz
(475 g)
MSRP: $600
Availability: 12/2006

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Flash Video Downloader

Hi everyone! I found something that you might find useful. Quick and easy way to download video, music, games, or just anything from another website that is a flash content site. All you have to do is get the exact url of the thing t at you want to download and paste it to the space provided at the flash video downloader website and click download, then you can get it in seconds, depending on how big the file is. Once it is in the computer, you can then convert the FLV to your desired format whether it is AVI, 3GP, WMV, MOV, PSP, or iPod MPEG-4. It’s all your choice!
Here is the good part, if you don’t have a format converter, you can get it for free in the website, just download it, and follow instructions then you can start converting files. The website is actually very simple but if you have any difficulties, you can contact them by sending an email on their provided form. I’m not very good in computer, but I have managed to Download Youtube Video into my laptop in just a few seconds and then convert it to WMV without any problem. I actually thought the format converter would be handy to have, so I installed it in my laptop and got a shortcut icon in the desktop. Probably the next thing that I would try is to download games from websites like, or This is actually free guys, so feel free to check it out.

Keep cool while driving

Getting into a heavy stop and go or very slow traffic in a hot weather would be a nightmare for everybody, especially if you got kids in the car and no auto air conditioning, you just can’t focus on what you are doing, get a bit irritable and the kids just won’t stop complaining because of the hot air that's making them uncomfortable. This would perhaps be the time you would think you wish you got an auto air conditioning.
Having an Air conditioning compressor fitted in your car would be handy as you don’t really know when you would need it the most! And I know where you can get the highest quality that carries a full line of A/C Compressor with a massive range of AC parts and products for almost every vehicle. At 1air conditioning online shop you can see the wide range of air conditioning parts available for you, with free shipping, affordable prices and covered with full warranty, you just got to check it out!

The Visayan warty pig

I took this picture in Chester Zoo during our visit last week. The Visayan warty pig or Sus cebifrons which is a critically endangered species of pig.

This pig may have been discovered just recently, but from all indications, they have been around for a very long time. At present, they are already being labelled as 'critically endangered'.

The Visayan warty pig can only be found on two of the Visayan Islands in the central Philippines, and as a result, faces unique challenges to their survival in the wild. The challenges include little room to escape from predators, food shortages and hunting - these are the leading causes of the Visayan warty pig's status as critically endangered. Due to the small numbers of remaining Visayan warty pigs in the wild, little is known of their behaviors or characteristics outside of captivity.
Thanks to Veronica, I just remember that this is one of 6 kinds the native pigs they call baboy ramo or wild pig.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Chili's Reading UK has reopened

Good news for food lovers! Chili's Reading restaurant at The Oracle Shopping Centre has reopened as of March 11, 2009. We have dinned in this restaurant last year and totally love the food! The restaurant was originally opened in the year 2000. It has 2 floors of dining area which seats 250 guests with more than 65 employees. With a beautiful stunning location on river side area right in the middle of the Oracle shopping centre, just perfect for a couple or the whole family night out. Sadly it was closed temporarily for renovation in January and now it’s back to business with a completely renovated kitchen. Based on our dining experience, we would rate this restaurant 5 stars, as they serve a variety of delicious food, great fast service with friendly staff, and clean area too. I would say, the food is healthy enough for both adults and children, however if you are very much concern about the food, they also got a healthier food options, and they also cater for vegetarians. The food serving portions are actually big enough for one person, so it’s really a good value for money. This restaurant is one of the 7 Chili’s grill and bar branch in the UK which is owned by U.S. based Brinker International. You can read about it's press release on it's website and get more information.

Friday, 31 July 2009


These pictures are taken at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall during our visit. Have learned a lot about seal and here are some things you might find interesting.

Facts about Seals : A seals main pray is fish, but they also feed on squid and crustaceans. They eat 5 - 6 % of their body weight per day. Food is always caught underwater, with the seal grabbing its chosen pray and swallowing it whole. This partly due to seals having no taste buds on their tongue.

Seals have annual growth ring on their teeth, like the ring of a tree trunk. These help to tell their age.

Seals can reach a speed up to 13mph in water, twice as fast as the average fish.

Seals can sleep in water floating like bottles. Their nostrils close automatically if they go underwater.

Seals use their whiskers like fish use their laternal lines, to detect vibrations of other animals in the water.

A seal's blubber can be up to 6.5cm thick
Gray seals can dive to depths of up to 70m. In order to do this they have to control the rate at which they use oxygen.

The sanctuary is doing a good job taking care of these seals, most of the seals were rehabilitated from injury, sickness and distress. Once they are well, they put them back into their natural environment.


For people who have insomnia like me, like me you could discover a cure too! I have been researching online and found this natural sleep formula called melatonin. Melatonin is actually a naturally occurring hormone which our body develops to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and as we grow older our level of melatonin drops. That’s why younger people seem to have fewer problems with sleeping than more mature people.
Guess what? I have found a great place to buy melatonin available for delivery anywhere in the UK & Europe. An online store that sells melatonin that does not contain any yeast, wheat, corn, milk, egg, soy, gluten's, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. It also combines the purest, pharmaceutical grade melatonin with the proper amount of essential calcium. So, expect only the best quality melatonin available!
This Melatonin has been hyped as a miracle drug since it has been proven to naturally cure insomnia without the hazard side effects of other sleeping tablets, and it is said to be nature’s anti-aging sleeping pill. Aside from curing insomnia problem, this also helps in jet lag, to reset the body clock whenever we get to a different time zone. It also helps shift workers problem, as the body gets used to a night shift; it usually takes time to get back to a normal sleep pattern, and melatonin supplement helps facilitate sleep back to its normal routine. I have tried this product for a week now and it works great for me. Give it a try and discover the great results for yourself.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Web Hosting Deals

Looking for a good web hosting service is sometimes confusing as they usually offer the same services and promise good value for money. But they do defer in some ways like in technical support, marketing bonuses, and web credits. The feature also defer in some ways like some offers unlimited space, traffic and rates. This is where webhosting come to help you get the right one you’re looking for, they got loads of web hosting service to choose from, its’ rating and hosting reviews. With the help of this web review, you will be able to find out customers experience based on technical support, reliability, customer support, and how user friendly the hosting service is. So based on this, you will also know what you’re getting into. It is basically comparing the market of web hosting in seconds, you will immediately see the list of award winning web hosts based on budget, blog, forum, unix, windows, PHP, emails, ecommerce, multiple domain, VPS, reseller, and best dedicated hosting. You will really see some nice offers here as some of the host offers up to 5 free domain names or a free domain name forever, now that’s something! This probably is an easy way of earning money, some people would do this as a sort of small business, basically what they do is purchase a web hosting package and resell it by networking. Once you will find people who are willing to pay, you will be generating money monthly as long as you won’t stop your hosting. It is a perfect way of working from home and you don’t really need to do a lot of work, you will get support technically from the web host itself and any questions from your network, you can forward them to the customer support of your web host, you will be just like a bridge, but at the same time earning from it. Anyway, if you’re planning to resell, you might want to have a read on how you can divide spaces for your networking.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Auto parts

Check out this online store that sells cheap auto parts, they got millions of parts from different car brands ready to be ship free of charge with orders above $50 covered with a full warranty. Guaranteed to be the lowest price you can see anywhere according to independent reviewer ShopZilla, and because it is an online shop, orders are taken 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They got twelve warehouses nationwide, so you can be rest assured that your order will be dispatch and delivered as quickly as possible. So easy to use, just click on this car parts then all you need to do is select then it will lead you to the right car make you got and the right parts you’re looking for. However if you got a problem or still can’t find what you’re looking for, they also got specialist who are ready and willing to help you, all you need to do is contact them for free on their toll free number or send them an email on their inquiry form.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Babies in front of a mirror

I always thought babies knows their reflection in front of a mirror, as I have a toddler and she loves to look at the mirror and smiles every time she saw her reflection on it. I saw a TV program; I think a month ago, about things that Charles Darwin studied. It says on his book, that babies look at the mirror and reacts to it, but they don’t know that it is their reflection; they think it is another baby and they can only identify themselves once he or she gets to two years old. I just couldn’t believe it until they conduct a test on it. They call it “The lipstick test”; first they put a lipstick mark on the forehead of a 1 year old and put the baby in front of a big mirror. The baby was sitting in front of the mirror smiling and touch the mirror, then crawled to the side of it and then look at the back of the mirror, seems that the baby was thinking it is another baby in front, because at the end of the mirror, the reflection just disappear, so the baby look at the back of the mirror trying to find that one she saw awhile ago. The next test was a 2 yr old, first they secretly put a lipstick mark on the forehead of the 2yr old, then face the toddler in the mirror, the toddler looking at his reflection, he then touch his forehead with the lipstick mark on, so that means he know it is his reflection. I did try the lipstick test with my 18 months old, and she wasn’t aware of the lipstick, she just keeps smiling at the mirror and then looks at the back of the mirror. It seems the test works and it’s true.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mom's wrinkles

My husband’s mother had a lot of wrinkles after she had been to a cruise holiday last may 1st and when we saw her, we just cant believe how much her face changes aside from the sun burn, the more wrinkles on her forehead and eyes have been shown, it’s just like she ages more in just a two week holiday. As we all know too much sun exposure could damage the skin, and that is really a big problem with western people going on holiday, just can’t resist sunbathing. She already got some wrinkles but it seems to be severe, so she was a bit worried. I wanted to help so I started reading online, the cause and how to minimize wrinkles. Then I happen to browse this wrinkle cream reviews and I wrote down the website and name of the best product there and handed it to her the following week when we came to visit. It was an anti aging wrinkle cream and it got the most of the positive feedback of from the user itself, it says it is the Best Wrinkle Cream of the year. I recommended it to her and she was happy to have a go with it since a week has gone and nothing changes using her usual cream. She ordered it online, and 3 weeks after, she phoned me and she was so happy with the result, and she told me that the wrinkles has started to disappear. She was actually very please with it and she invited us for a diner in her home, so I can also see the result of the cream she has been using in her face for 3 weeks. I was also amaze and I actually think her face has look much refine than before she had the holiday. Her friend had also tried it too, and was very pleased with the cream, she said it’s like having a face lift but painless. My mother in law also told me that they have been researching it before buying, and they have read happy customer reviews on it, and the 30 day money back guarantee, that is why they have decided to it. Personally, I don’t use this cream, but I have seen the dramatic changes it did to my mother in law, her skin looks healthier, the dark patches from the sun burn has disappeared, and freckles and wrinkles has lessen. I would suggest if you don’t really know much about anti aging creams, you should research it first, this wrinkle cream reviews gives ideas by sharing their own experience of using the product so it would help other consumers that really doesn’t know anything about beauty creams.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Stair lift

A very practical and economical product, this stair lift is probably the most useful thing an elderly or disabled person can have. My husband’s mother has this in her home, she is now 80 years old and going up and down the stairs is a bit of a struggle for her. Having this Stair Lift has been a blessing that has made her daily routine a lot easier. She is not disabled, but just like most elderly people, she also got some issues with arthritis, and sometimes she can’t even move her legs, so it is a struggle in getting up the stairs. But with the help of the stair lift, all she needs to do if she wants go upstairs is just sit back and relaxed on it and press the remote control button, then in just a few seconds she already there! It is very easy to use, and can fold it up if not in use so it won’t be on the way. This excellent product was made by the famous ThyssenKrupp Access, which specialize in elevator manufacturer, so rest assured that it is safe and of a high standard quality. They got different stair lifts for every stairs, so don’t worry if you got straight stair, spiral, curved or even stairs that has a landing, this can be installed in with no hustle. I was actually very impressed about it, as it would reduce the risk of accident for elderly and disabled people from falling down the stairs. I think this is a must have product in every home with elderly and disable as it could and would save lives.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Medical Spa

Surgery isn’t always the best way to solve imperfection; in fact there is a new way of looking and feeling good without going through the painful and expensive surgery methods. With M Medical Spa, they offer the most advance and the best of beauty treatments in Atlas Spa. Yes, this anti-aging and aesthetic center offers the latest state of the art technology to revitalize skin, cellulite, Botox, Restylane, radiesse, laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal , shape their body and dramatically reduce the signs of aging with safe, effective, painless, scientifically procedure and of course approve by the FDA. They also got some beauty products like cleanser and toners for different skin type, antioxidant serums to prevent photo aging, corrective products to reduce fine wrinkles, acne, acne scars and repair lips, moisturizers to hydrate and restore elasticity, and sun block, that would surely enhance your skin as it treats damage and maintain the glow of your skin. Basically it is sort of prevention, protection, and correction, against skin problems or imperfections. They also got a weight loss program that does not involve needles and surgical knifes, yet very simple and effective. It is to simply teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle and choose the right food your body. Of course it isn’t easy doing this yourself, so these professionals will help you, as you go through this process. So, better check this out now! You will surely enjoy this great environment, with very friendly staff and highly qualified doctors, they are always ready to accommodate you.

The right way to settle debts

Having a lot of debt could ruin a person's life; it would even create arguments with partners and sometimes lead up to separation. It’s a big nightmare that you can’t even have a good sleep at night thinking how to pay all the debts. If this is happening to you, don’t lose hope, there is a Debt Consolidation company that will help you sort out this problem. A group of professionals that are willing to help you sort out all debt, so you could make easy affordable monthly repayments, reduce fees, reduce interest rates, and best of all avoid getting into bankruptcy. Basically this company is a lot better that the other services, as they offer a consumer driven program and not affiliated with your creditors. Results are focused in the consumer’s interest, the fees are spread out over time, usually 12-24 months depending on the length of the program, the client's debt is paid off in anywhere from 18 - 48 months depending on cash availability, will receive an 'open delinquency' on your credit until debts are settled, it reduces your debt to income (DTI) ratio more quickly than Consumer t Counselling, which represents a significant factor in your ability to quality for a loan in the future and best of all you may typically end up paying only 30% to 70% of your outstanding balance. It is far better than doing nothing, or filling for bankruptcy, or paying it with a loan that would last a very long time. Get the best Debt Reduction offers now and start saving money while paying your obligations.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

To get rid of burns in a pan

Getting rid of burn’s in a pan is a bit of a hustle, and you could even spend lots and lots of hours scrubbing them which would sometimes leave a lot of scratches on your pan. There is actually a good solution for that, try using cheap cola, put your burnt pan in a cooker and pour a cola just enough to cover the burn part, it usually takes about two minutes, but depending on the burn, then the acid in the cola will lift off the burnt stuff. After that you can then easily wash it and rinse with water.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Travel to Morocco

Do you fancy a sunny holiday destination and troubled where and how to get there? Then I have the right solution for your perfect holiday, the beautiful Morocco. Morocco has a lot to offer for you to get that relaxing holiday you’re looking for, aside from the Mediterranean climate that you will surely enjoy, diversified cuisines, there are also historical sites you might find very interesting. The online travel agency odicy will help you get the best deal you’re looking for! They specialize travels to the legendary cities of Morocco. They offer deals of such fabulous prices you just can’t resist, from accommodations to flights. This travel agency has been recommended by a friend who have been to morocco and had an amazing holiday. She told me to check it out, because they have some great deals this summer, and I did.
They got a lot of accommodations you can choose from hotels, riads, villa, or even apartments, whichever that suits your style and budget. Their hotel and riads rates rages at an amazing price, starting at 26€, it’s a cheap price to pay when you can live like king and queens, in a 5 star hotel. Or if you want a relaxing villa with your very own swimming pool, you can get it for as low as 268€, now that is amazing, for a whole villa you can invite friends to stay over. Or rent a fully furnish apartment and find the comfort of like staying in your very own home, and be given a chance to live like a local for an unbelievable price of 62€. I was actually impressed with the prices, as the accommodations are of high standards and thinking that it is a holiday abroad. Basically if you have a local holiday here in England it cost more than what you will spend in morocco, and you will for sure get that holiday weather as well! I am very interested about this as my friend really can't stop talking about morocco and how her family enjoy their 2 weeks stay in an apartment, how friendly the people in the neighbourhood are, and best of all how much money she save by booking it all here at odicy. I also found out that you can actually get in touch with then through email and tell them your idea of a great holiday, examples, purposes and prices at or by phoning them on their contact number stated at their website. So, if you are also interested about this great deals in Morocco, now and check out the hottest deals their offering.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Modern Platform Beds

A friend just was just telling me how happy she is with the new platform bed she got online, and told me to check it out online, and I did! It was probably the most beautiful modern bed I have ever seen. It is simple yet elegant, and the design is absolutely amazing. My friend was so happy with the bed she got, and I don’t see why not! She was also impress with how fast the delivery and how helpful the staff when she contacted them. Based on what she told me, not only does the bed look good in design, you can also tell that it is made in high quality standards. I actually told my husband about it and showed him the web site; he was very impress of how beautiful the platform beds are and can’t believe it is in reasonably affordable rate and also covers a 5 year warranty against damages to the product. I think we will definitely go for this one! Try and check it out now, I’m sure you will also be impress with what you’re about to see.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bostons best CD duplication

If you are looking for quality CD duplication, digital offset printing and DVD screen printing in Boston area, then look no further, Boston printing is the answer to all you need. With their high standards of production services, they have become more popular as a CD duplication in Boston, and have been successful for over 20 years. This company have won a couple of awards for designs, CD and DVD printing, and digital-offset printing and packaging, so rest assured that they will provide you with an excellent quality of product.
Production usually takes 3 – 5 working days which is very good when it comes to high volume, but if you want fast, the company offers flexibility and attention to your needs. So, all you have to do is specify the date you needed the copies and fill out the rush form and them you can relax knowing it’s all in good hands. Now that’s what I call customer service! So, whether personal or business production, it does not matter, all clients are treated equal and still get the same excellent product results. Check it out now, and get an unbeatable quote!

Home Furniture

Are you redecorating your home or moving to a new home? Then check out this website that sells beautifully designed furniture’s, from bedroom furniture’s, bathroom, dining, office, living room furniture’s, kids bedroom furniture’s, home furnishings, modern tables and contemporary chairs. They got it all! The furniture’s are made into a high standards quality of wood or leather, to get that perfect ambiance you’re looking for. Let’s face it, furniture’s does create a big impact in our home, it adds beauty and character that reflects the person’s personality living in it. That is why Spacify has made an effort to get the best of branded products from reputed designers worldwide, and it maintains its reputation of selling high-quality designer furniture, furnishings, and accessories.
So what are you waiting for, start that total home make over! And get designer Home Furniture from spacify.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Get paid for driving

Here is an interesting new website where you can get rid of your car payment by earning money by just driving your own car. Yes, get paid to drive your car, with this new scheme Lower my car payment with a Streetvertisement, this will help you a lot for your car payment or totally handles the whole car payment. No need to worry where to go and how to use your car, just do your daily routine. You can use your car by strolling around or doing some of your personal chores like grocery shopping, paying bills or just going to the mall, like you always do and get paid for it! Sound so unbelievable does it? Well, here’s how it works, drivers list their vehicles for free in for free and the available ad spot in the vehicle, example: car window, hood or at the door. Then, an advertiser will search at for vehicles to advertise to advertise on. If your vehicle is chosen, an advertiser will contact you to arrange the ads, then you place the ads on the agreed spot on the vehicle, and then you get paid every month by the advertiser straight to your PayPal account or check. As simple as that! And you and the advertiser will be both happy in helping each other.
Now since the company is brand new and they offer a free service, so hurry and join in because this offer won’t last long, they will start charging once the company gets 250 vehicles. Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity, join in now!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

LandSend Cornwall

These pictures were taken during our camping holiday in Cornwall. This is Landsend, located at the very end of England. Inside you will see great attractions and stunning coast view, which I find excellent for family day out. I love this place and I love Cornish Ice cream!

Main Entrance

Inside, there attractions from BBC series like Dr. Who, and Return to the Last Labyrinth.

Coastal view is absolutely amazing

This is the first and last house of England.
Miniatures of traditional houses in the UK.


As we all know Twitter is becoming more popular and it is used to perform normal searches. I usually find it very easy and convenient because as you type in the twitter search engine you will see different hotel advertisers and also experiences of people who have book and stayed in the hotel. So you’ll get an idea of what to expect if you also do the same. Did you know that the big hotel providers have now join twitter? Yes, this well known companies like the, lastminute, and expedia has lots of different hotels to choose from, that suits your lifestyle and budget has joined twitter. With twitter, peoples will usually talk about how their booking experience turn out to be, whether good or bad and which company usually offers massive saving deals, because sometimes hotel providers offers up to 70% of discounts, now that is what I call Massive! Thanks to peoples tweet.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Payday Loan

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