Sunday, 15 February 2009

i love wii

My wii games, there isn't much here but this is very useful, specially this cold winter season, My husbands favorite game is the golf, its an 07 version, not bad but there is an 09 version which i think is much better. My favorite is the beach sports, particularly disc golf, where my character would dance when i get a birdy, hahahaha...

Mario cart is OK, but I'm not really a good driver, keep falling in some clefts, and ended the last one on track.

I am however planning to get a wii fit, might help me get back into shape :)

Beach sports attire

Even the icons looks pretty similar to us.


amiable amy said...

agoy..igno ko sa mga high tech nga dulaan....i wish to buy sean and farryl including the poppy for them to play ....father son bonding but, can't figure what to buy and which is the best...PS2, xbox and Wii

marifen said...

I dont know, i only have the wii, manang bb got Play station. The good thing about wii is that you need to move and it copies your action, where in some games your thumb is the only one moving :) I think Xbox has the same features as wii.