Saturday, 28 March 2009

Buying a house in Halifax west yorkshire, England

We move in to this development 2 years ago, to start to get into property ladder. My husband got one of this newly built house on a mortgage just 6 months before the housing market crash last 2007. The worst thing is that since we move into this house, we got a lots of antisocial experience from neighbors, teenage kids and children. You see, the council has been putting or should i say dumping these problem families in these new houses giving it to them for free, and they destroy everything around them. We have always been reporting this to the police and sad to say they cant really do anything about it. They will say, that when there are many reports about them, they will be evicted, but you see, the council will just move them into another place similar to these since these families have little children. So, its an on going process.
It's been so unfair for us and other families who has bought these properties and not to mention paying council tax to get this kind of harassment from people they been dumping into this area. They say you'll get in prison if you don't pay your council tax, where in this problem families are free from council tax and they are actually living by it, got everything for free. Good for this families, they will be move and transferred to maybe something better if they destroy the whole place, but for us were stock here, cant figure a way out, since we don't want to file for Bankruptcy just like some neighbors did, i cant really blame them, because if this is for free, we wont be living here, sad that were paying for it so we don't have a choice.

This house beside us is for sale, £30,000 lesser than we bought ours before the housing market collapse. You'd be totally crazy to buy this if you intend to live in this, but it might be better buying it to let or rent. In the picture the gas meter cover is no longer there, somebody broke it.

this is the side of the house, the small windows are broken, so it is just covered with ply board.
The whole development is not finished cause the owner of the development has file for Bankruptcy. The builders before say they been stoned by local kids when they were building the place, and some of their equipment were stolen. You cant believe this is a first world country.

Damage gutter
Broken window

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