Monday, 9 March 2009

Camiguin Island Philippines

Holiday in Camiguin Island Philippines
February 27, 2009

Balinguan port misamis oriental

Camiguin Island

cottages in Ardent hot spring

Ardent Hot spring

Katibawasan falls
Cold springMt. Hibok hibok
Sunken Cemetery

White Island
Model, hahaha...

It was a great Holiday!


marifen said...

Thanks Dhemz, my chloe was 14 months when we went there, she got jet log, looy kaau, wont drink or eat anything. But after 2 days she's ok, weve never seen her so happy, she love it there. hehehe...

marifen said...

Thanks you stacey :)

amiable amy said...

waaaa...the model...good caption

wow... you are the best my sis, i love those pictures, i miss it so much

ron was so delighted to see his future vacation place hahaha, he really wanted to buy a property there but, i told him nope but, we can stay there as long as he wanted too, i have my aunt and cousin there and we can make a house on their land but temporary, i am so afraid of the volcanoes hahaha

on the first picture, that island that you capture, i been there and the soil is red and that place is nice specially sunset and sunrise ohhh, i have the pictures at home, i will be showing it someday

waa, i miss that place....truly enchanting wheewww