Saturday, 14 March 2009

Climate Change

The world today is facing this greatest challenge, and should we worry about it? Perhaps yes, it does affect us all, the rising global temperatures will bring changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels and increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather. We often heard in the news the melting of north pole ice berg and the drought in amazon rain forest, this will however make big impact in the future. Let's admit it, it is a bigger long term problem than recession.

I am writing this to spread awareness that as an individual, we can make a big difference to help save the planet. There are ways to tackle climate change, by reducing impact of C02 .
Top 10 most popular by survey:
1. Drying clothes outside
2. Washing your clothes at 30 degrees
3. Recycling
4. Switching-off standby
5. Cycling and walking instead of driving
6. Using dress sense
7. Home composting
8. Reusable bags
9. Keep your fridge-freezer clean and ice free
10. Cutting down on meat and dairy

Please help make a difference, by your own way, you can just Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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cpsanti said...

this is a a pretty good list ;-) in tokyo, everybody is going green as well. we bring our own chopsticks and shopping bags.