Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Red meat news

It has been on the news today that Eating less red meat for a longer life, say researchers. On the guardians news paper, researchers says people who ate the most red meat as a proportion of their diet were more likely to have died during the study than the people who ate the least red meat, by about one third. The researchers call this a 'moderate' increase in risk. Eating lots of processed meat was also linked to increased risk of death, especially for women.

It's quite hard to put exact figures on the increased risk from eating meat. That's partly because eating lots of red meat was associated with other unhealthy behaviour. The people in the study who ate the most red meat were least likely to take exercise and most likely to be overweight, to eat more in total and to smoke.

People who ate the most white meat (which in this study included fish, as well as chicken) had a slightly lower chance of having died during the study. But there's a question over this. People who ate the most white meat or fish also ate less red meat, and had a generally healthier lifestyle. So it's hard to know whether the white meat or fish was having a positive effect in itself.

Well, i think moderation of everything is the best thing to do. You don't have to avoid red meat, just moderate it, have a well balance diet, exercise, and be happy is the most important thing, live the most while your still alive.

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