Monday, 23 March 2009

Tax on chocolates in UK

Dr Walker described chocolate as a "major player" in problem weight-gain and associated conditions, including high blood pressure and joint pain. He believes chocolate is no longer the special treat it once was and is being consumed in unhealthy amounts. He call at a British Medical Association meeting in Clydebank, West Dunbarton, was only narrowly voted down - by two votes.
I am a chocolate lover and personally i am against tax on chocolates, lets face it we already have to pay VAT on all our chocolate, and by taxing it, people with lower income cant afford to buy it.
I know that NHS has been tackling this obesity problem here in UK, but it is actually up to people itself to control themselves, and be responsible enough to get fit. By walking along the to the supermarket would be a great free exercise, or jogging along the park would do.

Well, I'm glad tax on chocolates it has been narrowly rejected by doctors.

This is my favorite chocolate, Maltesers.

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Dhemz said...

hhaha..maayo dha kay d tanan tax...hehhe..dire sa amo te...bisan 99cents ang price..naa pa tax...intawon inahan...hehhe..bisan asa ka paingon dire tax permi...maayo dha kay d tanan...kalami aning chos too...never have this kind before...hehehe..naa pa nabilin dha? hehehhe!