Friday, 24 April 2009

Britains Got Talent 2009

This is Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent 2009

She audition last Saturday 11th April, singing 'Cry Me A River' , from a charity CD in 1999.

she's a 47-year-old unemployed charity worker who lives with her cat in a small village in Scotland.

As soon as she walked on stage, the audience began to snicker and roll their eyes. Simon Cowell, the shows host, asked her some pre-performance questions in his famously condescending style, and to the audience's enjoyment, she answered awkwardly.

She was painfully ordinary, and everyone was prepared, looking forward even, to see her fail. But this woman was really amazing! As they say, never judge a book by it's cover. Well Susan proves it, as Simon says, extraordinary!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Day out in spring

there for a day out and Was taken last Sunday at bets-y-coed wales, we went it was a lovely day. Spring is here at last, and we got a little bit of sunny 15c weather. Well, it feels warm with the sun shinning on.

coed, the Big train is now a restaurant, and the small one is just a Kiddy train ride for fun.

This picture was taken in New Brighton Wirral, last week, i love this picture, children were having fun inside the big ball.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Celebrating Friendship

This award was given to me by my sister Amy and a good friend Eds, and i would like to thank them for giving me this friendly blogger award 2009, this award is better than the Oscars best actress. Oh, what a sentimental speech, hahahaha...

Anyway, i am passing this award to all of my friends here in the blog world. I am grateful to have met you all here, and thanks for sharing the lovely post, and pictures. Some where not written in English but I'm also happy to look at the pictures, i sometimes can tell whats going on through the pictures.

My friends, please feel free to grab this :)

Vaude Baby backpack carrier

We did return the old backpack carrier, but we got a new one. We are always out and about and my daughter hates sitting down on her pushchair. The one we got now is Vaude jolly comfort back carrier. It is however similar to the old one but more padded and more comfortable, according to my husband. We bought this backpack online on a special offer for only £100 online.

Baby carrier

As a parent the most important thing for us is our baby or child's safety. We got a letter from the manufacturer of the baby carrier that we bought online a year ago that they want the baby carrier back because of danger to life. This is the copy of the letter sent to me:

Recall because of danger to life

Dear costumers

Safety is a huge priority for us. We therefore ask you

not to use anymore and to re-give

the Bergpfeil baby carrier of types V1033, V1011, V1022 and S07, S08 as well as TS08, T1 to T9999.
There is danger to life!

We determined within our quality proof that on the above mentioned types exist a safety risk. By using the rain cover of the baby carrier there is the danger that your child suffers from a lack of oxygen and dies or will be affected in health. Independent from using the rain cover there exists the risk that the baby carrier is not stable on the basis of the supporting frame; that small parts, which are fixed on the baby carrier can be swallowed by children; that laces from the baby carrier may strangle your child as well as the risk that the baby carrier is easily inflammable. Also herby there is danger to life and to health of your child.

We therefore voluntarily decided to recall the mentioned baby carriers immediately.

We will refund you the purchasing amount inclusive postage, of course.

In case that you have given the baby carrier to third party we ask you to forward them this letter and to inform us about the names, the addresses, the email addresses and the phone numbers of your takers.

For re-giving the baby carriers we kindly ask you to contact to us.

For contact options please click here: contact

We thank you very much for your support to deactivate the risk, which unfortunately has been determined afterwards.


We did not have any problem with it when use it before, but let's face it, what's the use of keeping it when it's not safe. I'm posting this spreading awareness just in case someone there bought the same or receive same baby carrier.
Oh by the way, we did have our money back.