Thursday, 14 May 2009

Teething problem

My little one just have her first molars (back teeth) come through and it has been a hassle for a while because she does not like to eat anything and seldom drink her milk. Due to brushing her teeth, i have accidentally rub the molar and cause her gums to bleed. I got worried because she also got a high fever that night and started to feel weak. The next day, i phoned her Doctor and ask for an appointment. The Doctor prescribe her paracetamol just to stop the pain and advice me to stop brushing her teeth for awhile, anyway its just milk teeth and its just gonna fall off by the age of 5. Also the doctor have advice me not to use the bonjela gel, because they found out that it is not good for babies. I also have research it in the Internet and found out that Bonjela, should not be given to children under 16 as it could increase the risk of them developing a potentially fatal brain and liver disease. The Medicines and Health care Products Regulatory Agency warned that Bonjela and Bonjela Cool mint gel contain salicylate salts, which have been linked to Reye's syndrome, an incurable condition. The salts have the same effect on the body as aspirin, which parents are advised against giving to children under the age of 16. Well, i got my daughter a bonjela before and I'm glad i never use it for her.

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