Saturday, 27 June 2009

LandSend Cornwall

These pictures were taken during our camping holiday in Cornwall. This is Landsend, located at the very end of England. Inside you will see great attractions and stunning coast view, which I find excellent for family day out. I love this place and I love Cornish Ice cream!

Main Entrance

Inside, there attractions from BBC series like Dr. Who, and Return to the Last Labyrinth.

Coastal view is absolutely amazing

This is the first and last house of England.
Miniatures of traditional houses in the UK.


As we all know Twitter is becoming more popular and it is used to perform normal searches. I usually find it very easy and convenient because as you type in the twitter search engine you will see different hotel advertisers and also experiences of people who have book and stayed in the hotel. So you’ll get an idea of what to expect if you also do the same. Did you know that the big hotel providers have now join twitter? Yes, this well known companies like the, lastminute, and expedia has lots of different hotels to choose from, that suits your lifestyle and budget has joined twitter. With twitter, peoples will usually talk about how their booking experience turn out to be, whether good or bad and which company usually offers massive saving deals, because sometimes hotel providers offers up to 70% of discounts, now that is what I call Massive! Thanks to peoples tweet.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Payday Loan

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Unlike personal loan, payday loans do not require good credit, collateral or a co-signer which is a good help especially if you have credit problems or issues such as bankrupsy, late payments, or no credit at all, these where just typical requirements for a personal loan, aside from the bulky papers you need to sign and fax or mail back to the bank. So, check it out now, this might be the answer to your needs.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Change in URL

Just to inform my blog friends that Something I Like URL has now been change to , it is no longer If you still got the old URL in your blog list, kindly change it to the new one. I am still happy to visit and support all my friends’ everyday as long as I am online. Thank you for the daily visits and I will be seeing you soon in your blog.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Cornwall Camping Holiday

These were some of the photos taken during our camping holiday in Cornwall. We have stayed in the lovely Beachside Holiday Park located in Hayle Cornwall, near St. Ives. Was a beautiful place with heated swimming pool, chalets, bungalows and camping pitches. We camp there for 8 days and we were lucky with the weather. It is however warmer there compare to most places in England.

Sunset in Hayle Cornwall

Behind us is a cave. Can only see it during low tide

My little girl writing on the sand.
Life guard house
Light house

Real Property Management

Want a hustle free with renting concerns of tenant and tenors? If you have a property and thinking of having it rented, there is a very good solution for it. You don’t need to find your own tenant and screen them, before giving the house keys. Let someone else do the job for you! A group of professionals who are willing to manage your property and best assure you that your house is in good hands. Basically, they do the marketing process, screening of tenants, and check your house once the tenant leaves. They do all the paper works for you, and all you need to do is wait for the monthly rental fees. This Real Property Management has been in service for 20 yrs and they have received the "Franchise of the Year Honourable Mention" award. Manages over 20,000 units nationwide and has been featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbus. With Freddie Mac has Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative, you’ll know that your property is in good hands. They also join’s the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services. Now don’t take chances, leave your property to the experts!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

To all my friends and Blog visitors

Hi, I will be away for a holiday starting today 8Th of June until next week Monday 15Th of June. If you have visited me during these days, don’t worry, I get back to you as soon as I arrive from the holiday. You can drop me a message on my Cbox or a comment on one of my post so I can read it and know that you came by. Have a lovely day to everyone and God bles

Friday, 5 June 2009

Best CD Rates

If you want to know the best way to invest your CD Yield, this might be a chance for you to check out and try to think about whether it is still best to have it long term or short term.
PenFed is actually offering some of the best CD rates for a four year CD, the rate is currently at 3.75 percent. Now, a four year certificate of deposit rates averaged 2.235 percent this week, down from last week’s average rate of 2.243 percent. In which by looking at it, it is a great deal!

I don't fancy camping in the rain

We are planning to go camping next week for the whole week, and my husband already filed for a leave of work so we could go on a simple holiday in Cornwall. This was all planned last month and now I am not so sure about it, since weather forecast online says it is going to rain the whole week. The weather temperature is also not that warm, it is about 9c to 12 c at night time and 15c to 17c daytime, now that is not warm! Here in west Yorkshire now is about 9c in the morning and 4c at night time. Oh, I just could not believe this is summer. Last Monday to Wednesday was glorious, the sunny warm weather but sadly it did not last long. Anyway, I just hope this year will have great summertime weather, as we didn’t really have one last year.

Turbocharge Your Ride

We got a two year old car and my husband and I have decided to make an upgrade to it. We have talk about either installing a turbo or a supercharge on it, but I think he prefers a turbo. His old car uses a turbo and never got a problem on it or whatsoever. Based on his experience he loves the boost sound as they spool up and the gush of a blow off valve as you take off your foot off the gas. Plus it is like having a big engine for high performance. On the other hand a supercharge is also good because it runs of the engines crank shaft and they say it has longer engine lifespan. The differences between the two are just its power supply, and it depends, of course on which one you prefer and how much is your budget as a supercharge a little bit expensive compare to a turbo. Well, perhaps you could do in a little research first before deciding which one to get. I would personally recommend that you check this turbochargerpros online shop now to find the perfect one for you’re looking for, they got everything you wanted for your car, whether it’s a VW turbocharger, Audi turbocharger or any other model, and they got your unit in stock from a factory direct to you at wholesale prices covered with full warranty. This is probably the best deal we have seen!

Susan Boyle is now happy and well

Susan Boyle has now left the Priory hospital after being admitted for mental health reason. She was under stress with all the happenings in her life and feel exhausted after losing the title of Britain’s got talent to street dance act Diversity. Anyway, it has now been reported that she has now recover from her exhaustion and now back to her normal happy self.
I am glad Susan Boyle has recovered, let’s face it, it is sometimes hard to accept losing, but the best thing to do is learn from it and accept it. It's not the end of the world; this might be just a start of something better for her.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Revolutionary New Cat Flap

For cat lovers, here is an amazing invention beautifully designed and made in Guernsey that you would surely be interested in. A cat flap, that only allows your cat in and out your house and nothing else. Just imagine how much you can save if you got this cat flap at home, with this PetPorte SmartFlap it would prevent cat intruders from stealing your cat food, and making a mess of your home. Yes, it might be happening now and you just don’t know that neighbours cats is doing this and not your cat, bullying and enjoying your cats food, all happening in your own premises without your knowledge. Now this has got to stop! This amazing cat flap has all the required features every cat owner wants. First it is battery powered, will fit in an existing circular hole, only allows the cats who have been programmed in to gain access, it beeps when your cat comes in, so you know that your adorable cat is home. And it works using a cats pre-existing microchip implant (the one put in at the vets). So basically if your cat already has one, you don’t need to buy a chip that would work for this cat flap, it actually works with all cat microchips implants. It is programmable, and can be set on night mode, ideal if you don’t want your can to wonder around at night, your rest assured that your furry friend is safe and sound at home. If you purchase this product now, you will have an 18 month warranty on all parts and service guaranteed to be fixed or replace. And a full extended 40 days to test out the Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap for yourself in your own home, and if you are not happy with the product and feel your cat is not safe, your money will be 100% refunded in full. Don’t waste time, check it out now and avail this special offer for a limited time only!