Thursday, 25 June 2009

Change in URL

Just to inform my blog friends that Something I Like URL has now been change to , it is no longer If you still got the old URL in your blog list, kindly change it to the new one. I am still happy to visit and support all my friends’ everyday as long as I am online. Thank you for the daily visits and I will be seeing you soon in your blog.


Dhemz said...

woi congrats te...domain naman diay ka!

about sa PPP and SS te...pag submit lang ug ticket...letting them know na nag change ka sa imong url...:) Here is the link

amiable amy said...

blog hop, nag follow man ko nimo, automatic na naa

hopeful said...

Hi thanks for the visit. I am planning also to have my own domain pero research pako first if unsaon ang atong PPP ug SS. Giunsa nimo?

I'll be glad to hear from u again. tc