Friday, 5 June 2009

I don't fancy camping in the rain

We are planning to go camping next week for the whole week, and my husband already filed for a leave of work so we could go on a simple holiday in Cornwall. This was all planned last month and now I am not so sure about it, since weather forecast online says it is going to rain the whole week. The weather temperature is also not that warm, it is about 9c to 12 c at night time and 15c to 17c daytime, now that is not warm! Here in west Yorkshire now is about 9c in the morning and 4c at night time. Oh, I just could not believe this is summer. Last Monday to Wednesday was glorious, the sunny warm weather but sadly it did not last long. Anyway, I just hope this year will have great summertime weather, as we didn’t really have one last year.

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bluehope said...

I love camping, too. But during raining season... uhhh, uuhhh, not me too!