Saturday, 27 June 2009

LandSend Cornwall

These pictures were taken during our camping holiday in Cornwall. This is Landsend, located at the very end of England. Inside you will see great attractions and stunning coast view, which I find excellent for family day out. I love this place and I love Cornish Ice cream!

Main Entrance

Inside, there attractions from BBC series like Dr. Who, and Return to the Last Labyrinth.

Coastal view is absolutely amazing

This is the first and last house of England.
Miniatures of traditional houses in the UK.

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Dhemz said...

oh my... I love those mini houses...super cute kaayo all your pics...sos traveler jud ni si Chloe pag modako...mayni sila ipag kuyog ni Akesha....ehehehhe...:)

nice man diay ang weather sa inyo g adtoan te...:)