Friday, 5 June 2009

Turbocharge Your Ride

We got a two year old car and my husband and I have decided to make an upgrade to it. We have talk about either installing a turbo or a supercharge on it, but I think he prefers a turbo. His old car uses a turbo and never got a problem on it or whatsoever. Based on his experience he loves the boost sound as they spool up and the gush of a blow off valve as you take off your foot off the gas. Plus it is like having a big engine for high performance. On the other hand a supercharge is also good because it runs of the engines crank shaft and they say it has longer engine lifespan. The differences between the two are just its power supply, and it depends, of course on which one you prefer and how much is your budget as a supercharge a little bit expensive compare to a turbo. Well, perhaps you could do in a little research first before deciding which one to get. I would personally recommend that you check this turbochargerpros online shop now to find the perfect one for you’re looking for, they got everything you wanted for your car, whether it’s a VW turbocharger, Audi turbocharger or any other model, and they got your unit in stock from a factory direct to you at wholesale prices covered with full warranty. This is probably the best deal we have seen!

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