Friday, 31 July 2009


These pictures are taken at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall during our visit. Have learned a lot about seal and here are some things you might find interesting.

Facts about Seals : A seals main pray is fish, but they also feed on squid and crustaceans. They eat 5 - 6 % of their body weight per day. Food is always caught underwater, with the seal grabbing its chosen pray and swallowing it whole. This partly due to seals having no taste buds on their tongue.

Seals have annual growth ring on their teeth, like the ring of a tree trunk. These help to tell their age.

Seals can reach a speed up to 13mph in water, twice as fast as the average fish.

Seals can sleep in water floating like bottles. Their nostrils close automatically if they go underwater.

Seals use their whiskers like fish use their laternal lines, to detect vibrations of other animals in the water.

A seal's blubber can be up to 6.5cm thick
Gray seals can dive to depths of up to 70m. In order to do this they have to control the rate at which they use oxygen.

The sanctuary is doing a good job taking care of these seals, most of the seals were rehabilitated from injury, sickness and distress. Once they are well, they put them back into their natural environment.


For people who have insomnia like me, like me you could discover a cure too! I have been researching online and found this natural sleep formula called melatonin. Melatonin is actually a naturally occurring hormone which our body develops to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and as we grow older our level of melatonin drops. That’s why younger people seem to have fewer problems with sleeping than more mature people.
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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Web Hosting Deals

Looking for a good web hosting service is sometimes confusing as they usually offer the same services and promise good value for money. But they do defer in some ways like in technical support, marketing bonuses, and web credits. The feature also defer in some ways like some offers unlimited space, traffic and rates. This is where webhosting come to help you get the right one you’re looking for, they got loads of web hosting service to choose from, its’ rating and hosting reviews. With the help of this web review, you will be able to find out customers experience based on technical support, reliability, customer support, and how user friendly the hosting service is. So based on this, you will also know what you’re getting into. It is basically comparing the market of web hosting in seconds, you will immediately see the list of award winning web hosts based on budget, blog, forum, unix, windows, PHP, emails, ecommerce, multiple domain, VPS, reseller, and best dedicated hosting. You will really see some nice offers here as some of the host offers up to 5 free domain names or a free domain name forever, now that’s something! This probably is an easy way of earning money, some people would do this as a sort of small business, basically what they do is purchase a web hosting package and resell it by networking. Once you will find people who are willing to pay, you will be generating money monthly as long as you won’t stop your hosting. It is a perfect way of working from home and you don’t really need to do a lot of work, you will get support technically from the web host itself and any questions from your network, you can forward them to the customer support of your web host, you will be just like a bridge, but at the same time earning from it. Anyway, if you’re planning to resell, you might want to have a read on how you can divide spaces for your networking.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Auto parts

Check out this online store that sells cheap auto parts, they got millions of parts from different car brands ready to be ship free of charge with orders above $50 covered with a full warranty. Guaranteed to be the lowest price you can see anywhere according to independent reviewer ShopZilla, and because it is an online shop, orders are taken 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They got twelve warehouses nationwide, so you can be rest assured that your order will be dispatch and delivered as quickly as possible. So easy to use, just click on this car parts then all you need to do is select then it will lead you to the right car make you got and the right parts you’re looking for. However if you got a problem or still can’t find what you’re looking for, they also got specialist who are ready and willing to help you, all you need to do is contact them for free on their toll free number or send them an email on their inquiry form.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Babies in front of a mirror

I always thought babies knows their reflection in front of a mirror, as I have a toddler and she loves to look at the mirror and smiles every time she saw her reflection on it. I saw a TV program; I think a month ago, about things that Charles Darwin studied. It says on his book, that babies look at the mirror and reacts to it, but they don’t know that it is their reflection; they think it is another baby and they can only identify themselves once he or she gets to two years old. I just couldn’t believe it until they conduct a test on it. They call it “The lipstick test”; first they put a lipstick mark on the forehead of a 1 year old and put the baby in front of a big mirror. The baby was sitting in front of the mirror smiling and touch the mirror, then crawled to the side of it and then look at the back of the mirror, seems that the baby was thinking it is another baby in front, because at the end of the mirror, the reflection just disappear, so the baby look at the back of the mirror trying to find that one she saw awhile ago. The next test was a 2 yr old, first they secretly put a lipstick mark on the forehead of the 2yr old, then face the toddler in the mirror, the toddler looking at his reflection, he then touch his forehead with the lipstick mark on, so that means he know it is his reflection. I did try the lipstick test with my 18 months old, and she wasn’t aware of the lipstick, she just keeps smiling at the mirror and then looks at the back of the mirror. It seems the test works and it’s true.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mom's wrinkles

My husband’s mother had a lot of wrinkles after she had been to a cruise holiday last may 1st and when we saw her, we just cant believe how much her face changes aside from the sun burn, the more wrinkles on her forehead and eyes have been shown, it’s just like she ages more in just a two week holiday. As we all know too much sun exposure could damage the skin, and that is really a big problem with western people going on holiday, just can’t resist sunbathing. She already got some wrinkles but it seems to be severe, so she was a bit worried. I wanted to help so I started reading online, the cause and how to minimize wrinkles. Then I happen to browse this wrinkle cream reviews and I wrote down the website and name of the best product there and handed it to her the following week when we came to visit. It was an anti aging wrinkle cream and it got the most of the positive feedback of from the user itself, it says it is the Best Wrinkle Cream of the year. I recommended it to her and she was happy to have a go with it since a week has gone and nothing changes using her usual cream. She ordered it online, and 3 weeks after, she phoned me and she was so happy with the result, and she told me that the wrinkles has started to disappear. She was actually very please with it and she invited us for a diner in her home, so I can also see the result of the cream she has been using in her face for 3 weeks. I was also amaze and I actually think her face has look much refine than before she had the holiday. Her friend had also tried it too, and was very pleased with the cream, she said it’s like having a face lift but painless. My mother in law also told me that they have been researching it before buying, and they have read happy customer reviews on it, and the 30 day money back guarantee, that is why they have decided to it. Personally, I don’t use this cream, but I have seen the dramatic changes it did to my mother in law, her skin looks healthier, the dark patches from the sun burn has disappeared, and freckles and wrinkles has lessen. I would suggest if you don’t really know much about anti aging creams, you should research it first, this wrinkle cream reviews gives ideas by sharing their own experience of using the product so it would help other consumers that really doesn’t know anything about beauty creams.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Stair lift

A very practical and economical product, this stair lift is probably the most useful thing an elderly or disabled person can have. My husband’s mother has this in her home, she is now 80 years old and going up and down the stairs is a bit of a struggle for her. Having this Stair Lift has been a blessing that has made her daily routine a lot easier. She is not disabled, but just like most elderly people, she also got some issues with arthritis, and sometimes she can’t even move her legs, so it is a struggle in getting up the stairs. But with the help of the stair lift, all she needs to do if she wants go upstairs is just sit back and relaxed on it and press the remote control button, then in just a few seconds she already there! It is very easy to use, and can fold it up if not in use so it won’t be on the way. This excellent product was made by the famous ThyssenKrupp Access, which specialize in elevator manufacturer, so rest assured that it is safe and of a high standard quality. They got different stair lifts for every stairs, so don’t worry if you got straight stair, spiral, curved or even stairs that has a landing, this can be installed in with no hustle. I was actually very impressed about it, as it would reduce the risk of accident for elderly and disabled people from falling down the stairs. I think this is a must have product in every home with elderly and disable as it could and would save lives.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Medical Spa

Surgery isn’t always the best way to solve imperfection; in fact there is a new way of looking and feeling good without going through the painful and expensive surgery methods. With M Medical Spa, they offer the most advance and the best of beauty treatments in Atlas Spa. Yes, this anti-aging and aesthetic center offers the latest state of the art technology to revitalize skin, cellulite, Botox, Restylane, radiesse, laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal , shape their body and dramatically reduce the signs of aging with safe, effective, painless, scientifically procedure and of course approve by the FDA. They also got some beauty products like cleanser and toners for different skin type, antioxidant serums to prevent photo aging, corrective products to reduce fine wrinkles, acne, acne scars and repair lips, moisturizers to hydrate and restore elasticity, and sun block, that would surely enhance your skin as it treats damage and maintain the glow of your skin. Basically it is sort of prevention, protection, and correction, against skin problems or imperfections. They also got a weight loss program that does not involve needles and surgical knifes, yet very simple and effective. It is to simply teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle and choose the right food your body. Of course it isn’t easy doing this yourself, so these professionals will help you, as you go through this process. So, better check this out now! You will surely enjoy this great environment, with very friendly staff and highly qualified doctors, they are always ready to accommodate you.

The right way to settle debts

Having a lot of debt could ruin a person's life; it would even create arguments with partners and sometimes lead up to separation. It’s a big nightmare that you can’t even have a good sleep at night thinking how to pay all the debts. If this is happening to you, don’t lose hope, there is a Debt Consolidation company that will help you sort out this problem. A group of professionals that are willing to help you sort out all debt, so you could make easy affordable monthly repayments, reduce fees, reduce interest rates, and best of all avoid getting into bankruptcy. Basically this company is a lot better that the other services, as they offer a consumer driven program and not affiliated with your creditors. Results are focused in the consumer’s interest, the fees are spread out over time, usually 12-24 months depending on the length of the program, the client's debt is paid off in anywhere from 18 - 48 months depending on cash availability, will receive an 'open delinquency' on your credit until debts are settled, it reduces your debt to income (DTI) ratio more quickly than Consumer t Counselling, which represents a significant factor in your ability to quality for a loan in the future and best of all you may typically end up paying only 30% to 70% of your outstanding balance. It is far better than doing nothing, or filling for bankruptcy, or paying it with a loan that would last a very long time. Get the best Debt Reduction offers now and start saving money while paying your obligations.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

To get rid of burns in a pan

Getting rid of burn’s in a pan is a bit of a hustle, and you could even spend lots and lots of hours scrubbing them which would sometimes leave a lot of scratches on your pan. There is actually a good solution for that, try using cheap cola, put your burnt pan in a cooker and pour a cola just enough to cover the burn part, it usually takes about two minutes, but depending on the burn, then the acid in the cola will lift off the burnt stuff. After that you can then easily wash it and rinse with water.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Travel to Morocco

Do you fancy a sunny holiday destination and troubled where and how to get there? Then I have the right solution for your perfect holiday, the beautiful Morocco. Morocco has a lot to offer for you to get that relaxing holiday you’re looking for, aside from the Mediterranean climate that you will surely enjoy, diversified cuisines, there are also historical sites you might find very interesting. The online travel agency odicy will help you get the best deal you’re looking for! They specialize travels to the legendary cities of Morocco. They offer deals of such fabulous prices you just can’t resist, from accommodations to flights. This travel agency has been recommended by a friend who have been to morocco and had an amazing holiday. She told me to check it out, because they have some great deals this summer, and I did.
They got a lot of accommodations you can choose from hotels, riads, villa, or even apartments, whichever that suits your style and budget. Their hotel and riads rates rages at an amazing price, starting at 26€, it’s a cheap price to pay when you can live like king and queens, in a 5 star hotel. Or if you want a relaxing villa with your very own swimming pool, you can get it for as low as 268€, now that is amazing, for a whole villa you can invite friends to stay over. Or rent a fully furnish apartment and find the comfort of like staying in your very own home, and be given a chance to live like a local for an unbelievable price of 62€. I was actually impressed with the prices, as the accommodations are of high standards and thinking that it is a holiday abroad. Basically if you have a local holiday here in England it cost more than what you will spend in morocco, and you will for sure get that holiday weather as well! I am very interested about this as my friend really can't stop talking about morocco and how her family enjoy their 2 weeks stay in an apartment, how friendly the people in the neighbourhood are, and best of all how much money she save by booking it all here at odicy. I also found out that you can actually get in touch with then through email and tell them your idea of a great holiday, examples, purposes and prices at or by phoning them on their contact number stated at their website. So, if you are also interested about this great deals in Morocco, now and check out the hottest deals their offering.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Modern Platform Beds

A friend just was just telling me how happy she is with the new platform bed she got online, and told me to check it out online, and I did! It was probably the most beautiful modern bed I have ever seen. It is simple yet elegant, and the design is absolutely amazing. My friend was so happy with the bed she got, and I don’t see why not! She was also impress with how fast the delivery and how helpful the staff when she contacted them. Based on what she told me, not only does the bed look good in design, you can also tell that it is made in high quality standards. I actually told my husband about it and showed him the web site; he was very impress of how beautiful the platform beds are and can’t believe it is in reasonably affordable rate and also covers a 5 year warranty against damages to the product. I think we will definitely go for this one! Try and check it out now, I’m sure you will also be impress with what you’re about to see.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bostons best CD duplication

If you are looking for quality CD duplication, digital offset printing and DVD screen printing in Boston area, then look no further, Boston printing is the answer to all you need. With their high standards of production services, they have become more popular as a CD duplication in Boston, and have been successful for over 20 years. This company have won a couple of awards for designs, CD and DVD printing, and digital-offset printing and packaging, so rest assured that they will provide you with an excellent quality of product.
Production usually takes 3 – 5 working days which is very good when it comes to high volume, but if you want fast, the company offers flexibility and attention to your needs. So, all you have to do is specify the date you needed the copies and fill out the rush form and them you can relax knowing it’s all in good hands. Now that’s what I call customer service! So, whether personal or business production, it does not matter, all clients are treated equal and still get the same excellent product results. Check it out now, and get an unbeatable quote!

Home Furniture

Are you redecorating your home or moving to a new home? Then check out this website that sells beautifully designed furniture’s, from bedroom furniture’s, bathroom, dining, office, living room furniture’s, kids bedroom furniture’s, home furnishings, modern tables and contemporary chairs. They got it all! The furniture’s are made into a high standards quality of wood or leather, to get that perfect ambiance you’re looking for. Let’s face it, furniture’s does create a big impact in our home, it adds beauty and character that reflects the person’s personality living in it. That is why Spacify has made an effort to get the best of branded products from reputed designers worldwide, and it maintains its reputation of selling high-quality designer furniture, furnishings, and accessories.
So what are you waiting for, start that total home make over! And get designer Home Furniture from spacify.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Get paid for driving

Here is an interesting new website where you can get rid of your car payment by earning money by just driving your own car. Yes, get paid to drive your car, with this new scheme Lower my car payment with a Streetvertisement, this will help you a lot for your car payment or totally handles the whole car payment. No need to worry where to go and how to use your car, just do your daily routine. You can use your car by strolling around or doing some of your personal chores like grocery shopping, paying bills or just going to the mall, like you always do and get paid for it! Sound so unbelievable does it? Well, here’s how it works, drivers list their vehicles for free in for free and the available ad spot in the vehicle, example: car window, hood or at the door. Then, an advertiser will search at for vehicles to advertise to advertise on. If your vehicle is chosen, an advertiser will contact you to arrange the ads, then you place the ads on the agreed spot on the vehicle, and then you get paid every month by the advertiser straight to your PayPal account or check. As simple as that! And you and the advertiser will be both happy in helping each other.
Now since the company is brand new and they offer a free service, so hurry and join in because this offer won’t last long, they will start charging once the company gets 250 vehicles. Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity, join in now!