Friday, 3 July 2009

Get paid for driving

Here is an interesting new website where you can get rid of your car payment by earning money by just driving your own car. Yes, get paid to drive your car, with this new scheme Lower my car payment with a Streetvertisement, this will help you a lot for your car payment or totally handles the whole car payment. No need to worry where to go and how to use your car, just do your daily routine. You can use your car by strolling around or doing some of your personal chores like grocery shopping, paying bills or just going to the mall, like you always do and get paid for it! Sound so unbelievable does it? Well, here’s how it works, drivers list their vehicles for free in for free and the available ad spot in the vehicle, example: car window, hood or at the door. Then, an advertiser will search at for vehicles to advertise to advertise on. If your vehicle is chosen, an advertiser will contact you to arrange the ads, then you place the ads on the agreed spot on the vehicle, and then you get paid every month by the advertiser straight to your PayPal account or check. As simple as that! And you and the advertiser will be both happy in helping each other.
Now since the company is brand new and they offer a free service, so hurry and join in because this offer won’t last long, they will start charging once the company gets 250 vehicles. Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity, join in now!

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