Friday, 31 July 2009


These pictures are taken at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall during our visit. Have learned a lot about seal and here are some things you might find interesting.

Facts about Seals : A seals main pray is fish, but they also feed on squid and crustaceans. They eat 5 - 6 % of their body weight per day. Food is always caught underwater, with the seal grabbing its chosen pray and swallowing it whole. This partly due to seals having no taste buds on their tongue.

Seals have annual growth ring on their teeth, like the ring of a tree trunk. These help to tell their age.

Seals can reach a speed up to 13mph in water, twice as fast as the average fish.

Seals can sleep in water floating like bottles. Their nostrils close automatically if they go underwater.

Seals use their whiskers like fish use their laternal lines, to detect vibrations of other animals in the water.

A seal's blubber can be up to 6.5cm thick
Gray seals can dive to depths of up to 70m. In order to do this they have to control the rate at which they use oxygen.

The sanctuary is doing a good job taking care of these seals, most of the seals were rehabilitated from injury, sickness and distress. Once they are well, they put them back into their natural environment.


lina@happy family said...

Seals are beautiful and smart creatures! I like seeing the pictures.

Zvonko said...

very nice photos, beautiful animals

秘密崇拜者 said...

I love seal, especially Navy Seal heehheehe, how are you mom...

veronica said...

i love the pic that showed the sleeping seal :) hahhahaha! so cute!!!!

Dhemz said...

sos nakita man jud nako ang likod ni chloe....hehehe...nakabitbit man sa isang stuffed toy...ka cute ba kaau...hehehe!

nice photos te....naa ba sila daghna unggoy didto? hehehe!

woi te, ako gina teach si Akesha ug bisaya ug tagalog kay sa gamay pa jud sya...3 months at least....karon bisan d sya ka sulti kaau ug tagalog ug bisya pero makasabot sya nuon....:)

try mo teach si Chloe te, mas advantage pod na sa ila....naa ra man sa imo parent gud kung interested pod ka...hehehe..naman ko mga filipino phonics and alphabets po...tapos mga flash cards...makatabang ra hubby man pod gusto ako tudloan si hubby mo te, oks lang man kaha sa iya,....mao bitaw na akong huna-huna sa una....kanang maglibog unya ba...ehhehe...pero naanad raman nuon....good luck!

anto said...

nice post.. I love the picture.