Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Find a family event near you

Good news to all parents living in the states! There is a new and fun way to get the whole family together in a special family event near you. Get your kids involve in fun activities and you can join them as well. With the help of the widget, you can view all events within 60 miles from where you are and choose which one suit you best. As a parent I always want my child to get involve with community events, not only that it helps her boost her physical ability, but socializing does a lot of good to a child’s mental development. Sadly, we don’t have this here yet in the UK, but I wish it were available here. By installing this widget you would be up to date with all family events within your area, the day and time and location where it will be held. Just perfect for a busy mom like me, as I usually just take a glance in my computer once in a while, and don’t have the time to spend browsing different websites. By logging on to the widget website you could win $1000 by just installing this handy widget on your blog, social networking profile, or other websites. So, anybody who visits your website or networking profile can also browse events and activities near them, and if your blog gets the most views, you could win the $1000. If you are interested in this, you can get more information and view the promotion at


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wow sound interesting, sa us lang ba to? ehe

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