Thursday, 6 August 2009

Number 1 Hotel search engine

I have been browsing online today looking for a hotel in Philippines, as we are planning to go there for a holiday and see my family this November. I was so amazed with this website as they got every hotel listings in every city in the world. You can view hotel pictures, details, prices, and attractions that they recommend and best of all reviews from previous hotel guest. You can also sort out the hotels by price, popularity, stars, name and distance, so basically you got all information you wanted to know on just a click of your mouse. Once you found the right hotel, there are listings of booking websites where you can select which you think would suits your budget, and then you’ll be transferred to the webpage of the booking agent. They are independent comparison website, so they are not paid to promote any particular website or hotel. As being the world’s number 1 hotel search engine, they want to Spread The Word For Charity so every time someone blogs, tweets, or fan them on facebook they give money to charity, that way they can help others as well as advertise, which I think is very cleaver and good idea. There are 3 options on how they do it; they give $20 to charity for a blog mention, $10 to charity for a tweet and $5 to charity for becoming a fan of their Facebook page. You can support them in their good way of reaching through charity by doing your part too, just choose one of the 3 options.

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lina@happy family said...

Thanks for sharing this useful link. If I need info about hotels, I'll know what I should do.