Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cordless fence sprayer

My husband got this Fence Sprayer yesterday and he was very impressed on how easy to use and how light it was even when full of paint which is a five litre tank capacity. This is a battery operated machine and since it is cordless it delivers fast, accurate, and even coverage of paint in just a push of a button. My husband use to paint the whole fence and decking in about an hour using a paint brush, but with this sprayer, it only takes him 20minutes to do the job. This fence sprayer was actually recommended by a friend because he used to have a pump sprayer and still takes ages to get the job done; using this, he says is twice as fast as a pump sprayer. It is also easy set up, and easy clean up, all you need to do is just simply clean it out with warm water and you can store and re-use it anytime you want. This item is very practical, and I would recommend this to anyone I know.

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