Saturday, 5 September 2009

Family tent

This is our 3rd tent, a Gelert Lokon Vario 4. This about a year old now and I would say this is the best tent we got so far! We decided to get one like this because we wanted the extra living space for cooking and sitting in when it's raining.

The tent has 2 separate bedrooms each one capable of housing a double inflatable bed. So my little girl has enough space to play in her room.
The living area is large, plenty of room for chairs, a table, cooking area, etc. It comes with two ground sheets, one covering the whole area and the other one is just half size. We use the half ground sheet, so we can leave our wet shoes, water, cooking equipment and cooker in the ground, so water spills would just go directly on the ground. The front door can be totally unzipped and taken off or moved inwards to give a smaller living area and a covered outside area. The side can also be unzipped, so we put a wind breaker around it and my little girl can play there on her paddling pool when it’s sunny. I would rate this tent 9 out of 10 star, based on its durability, size, and value for money.

Here are some pictures taken during our camping in Cornwall.

The weather was not so nice, so this is what it looks like in the afternoon, fog all over the place.


amiable amy said...

nice kaayo inyo tent ba...lingaw ayo si Chloe kay luag ayo gilakawan hahaha

plano nko buy ug RV para suroy suroy mi ni ron, ganahan ko travel...gusto nko, imbes buy ko car, RV ako paliton unya daan nya ako gamiton hehehe

dhemz said...

oh this is humongous....grabi kaau ka bongga inyong tent te in...korek kaau tong tawo nga nag ingon nga mosigo kaau inyong car ani nga tent...ka nice kaau ani te woi....pwede na ta mag puyo dire permi...:)

Tess said...

Nindot inyong tent Fe kay daku, luag-luag sad. Ang amung tent kay igo-igo ra gyud sa amo upat. Its really fun to go camping. Ga sakit man ko fe oi, wala pako ka reply sa imo. Hopefully ugma okey naku. Naa koy appointment sa doctor Wednesday. Ayo-ayo.