Monday, 28 September 2009

New Watches

I saw these new watches on TV last night and I was so amazed with their features. The first one is a watch phone by LG, This is the first properly touch screen watch, video phone, and a text receiver as well. The features is very similar to a usual mobile phone.

The second one is a num8 children’s watch, this is use to monitor the location of your child via GPS, using a mobile phone or a computer to find your child’s precise location. It is very cleaver as it will inform you when your child is out of safety zone and if this watch is removed it will also send you an alert message on your mobile phone or through email. This is somehow a great product, but the problem with this is that it gets a signal through mobile phone coverage, so if your child is out of mobile coverage area, then it is impossible for you to track him or her down, also I don’t think this product should replace parental supervision.

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