Thursday, 10 September 2009

Tweet your way to win a Macbook or iPod

I just want to share this information I found on my Twitter, it is a contest where you could win some great prizes. This was actually a tweet on me by a friend in Twitter and I find it very interesting, that’s why I am sharing it with you as well. The contest runs from the 9th of September to the 7th of October 2009, and if you are also interested, you can join in too. The contest is really easy to join; all you have to do is purchase a domain at which is by the way at the very low price of $7.99 or you can join in your Twitter account by registering through their Twitter domain registration service, which is what I did. Once you have registered your account, you will get an entry to the draw on October 7, 2009. On the said draw date, they are giving away a brand new Mac book laptop and 4 new 8GB iPod touches and I am very excited by this, because I have got several entries now and I am hoping to win the laptop, however if I could win one of the 8GB iPods, that would be great also!

If you are interested in joining in, you can visit the website to get more information on how to enter the Netfirms contest, or take a look at this video tutorial on how it works, I got it from the website and you can use it as a guide too.

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