Monday, 5 October 2009

Backsplash ceramic tile

I just got to tell you about this ceramic tile that I saw online, it was absolutely a brilliant piece of artwork. These tiles are actually hand painted in a studio in Jerusalem, and were a family tradition since 1922. These are Backsplash tile which are usually installed in the kitchen above the cooker and oven tops, it then create a beautiful focal point with hand painted art such as peacocks, trees, floral patterns, and animals. These are not just any ordinary tiles, these tiles are hand glazed and fired at a certain temperature that the colours and glazers are sealed in permanently and won’t fade or wash away. Since they are very elegant they can also be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, walls, exterior walls, counter tops, table tops, fireplaces, and doorways too. Check it out! I’m sure this is just perfect for your home.


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