Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Google updates

On the 31st of august 2009 Google has updated their toolbar page rank, and some new sites have PR and some have stabilised like this marifen.com, it has been PR0 since I bought the domain and still maintained its rank 0. However, my new blog Chloesworld which is only 2 months old and has 7 posts has now been rank PR2. Well, I don’t really know and understand how Google calculate it, but it does not bother me anymore. My sister’s blog Amiable Amy has also been stabled but her other blog beyond photography has now been rank PR3. Well, congratulations to all who gained a Google rank and for those who haven’t, don’t worry too much about it, just keep on blogging and make a friend, that’s the most important thing! It is always nice to be visited and greeted online every day, does it?


amrihdwf said...

Hi, I got ranked in the end of October. Is it really Google updating the PR in August?

As your experience, does Google update the rank every month, 3 months or some other period?

dias spot said...

na congrats sa mga bloggers nga naka PR...ehhehe...kita ani te, kanus-a pa kaha tawon atong PR mo balik....:)

sensya na te ha, now lang ko naka bisita ug balik..busy tawon ko gamay...ehhehe!

musta naman mo dha? ready na mo mag uli sa ato?

agoy tuod te no...2 naman diay si Chloe inig balik ninyo....na kami sad gani te nga ka igit me sa among plane ticket....bali 6k tanan among nabayad....sos uros2x ang bills ani pag uli...human sa vacay...ehehhe!

sige lang te, kaya mana ninyo..dako bitaw ug sahod si hubby nimo....

sayang d ta magkita didto...ehehe..basin puhon...next time nga adto ninyo...kana siguro dalaga na atong mga pispis...ehhehe!

sige naba ug yawit si Chloe ron te?

miss you....:)

btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter…if you have time….your help is much appreciated….thanks!

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