Monday, 2 November 2009

The perfect acne treatment for me

I have just been talking to a friend about her acne problem and how she has wasted a lot of money trying to experiment different products on her face. I too use to suffer on acne before and luckily my mother in law is a dermatologist and she has given me a cleanser and a cream that has work miraculously on my face. I have shared this experience on my friend and also advice her to get the same product I use which does not have this chemical called benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is usually one of the main ingredient used in acne products, and can cause cancer. My mother in law has explained all the damage this type of chemical would do to your skin over a long term use, this would lead to premature aging, due to the fact that it will dry your skin so much, it would make the skin’s ability to heal irritations and wounds slow down, and the worst part is, it can cause cancer. Actually it is best to read the label of the acne product and read the ingredients first before using it, or you can research which product does not have this benzoyl peroxide. My Acne Cream is actually amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone I know.

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