Sunday, 27 December 2009

Get good bargains in auction

It’s a fun and cleaver way to get an item for such a low price! They call this a penny auction or pay-per-bid auction wherein bids are purchase in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. Like all other auctions the price increase a few cents with each bid placed every few second to the clock countdown, giving others the chance to bid. Here are some good things about the auction, the winner usually saves over 80% off retail, nobody loses because if you do not win you receive up to 50 Bonus Bids as a thank you for participating, and you can purchase the auction item less the investment you had in the said auction, also if you also win, they would typically make an offer to buy the item back for either by cash, PayPal or check.
Since this has just been launched in early November, this online auction only serves people in the North America and they got this exclusive no obligation offer in which you can get 15 additional bids if you use this code BBP1202A. But you have to hurry, because this offer will only last until the 15th of January 2010. Join in now and grab yourself a bargain!

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