Thursday, 30 December 2010

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is probably the most practical and economical way of cooking now a days. Why? It is because it has been proven that it cooks faster and more efficient when it comes to energy saving compare to gas. Induction cooking has been around for several years now, and has been used in some restaurants and homes worldwide. It has a good reputation when it comes to environment and energy saving, however some still have doubts about this product since it is using electricity as a source of energy, not knowing that there are many good benefits we can get from induction cooking such as; it is cheaper compare to gas and ordinary electric cooker. It is easy to clean, cooks faster and keeps the cooks cool as this cooker does not generate heat around the kitchen which also shows that this unit is energy efficient.

Now the best thing I like about this product is that it is the safest cooker I have ever seen! Because there is no open flame and the surface is smooth there is a very slim chance of injury. I think, this induction cooktops are faster and better, and it is just what every cook needs!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Heartwarming song Christmas song

These are my all times favorite Christmas songs, I think they are emotionally rewarding as the lyrics are brilliant and the melody is also relaxing. I could not post the music, but I have here the lyrics of the songs which you might like to read. Merry Christmas!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe,
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way;
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
And every mother's child is going to spy,
To see if reindeer really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
To kids from one to ninety-two,
Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very Merry Christmas to you .

Monday, 13 December 2010

Top Tips to avoid falling for a phishing scam

I got this tip's on an email from a well known supermarket here in the United Kingdom. Since it is almost Christmas and the busiest time of the year to shop online, I just thought I would share this on my blog to help you as well as other people to be safe against 'phishing' attacks.

A phishing attempt often arrives as an email, pop-up screen or text message created by criminals to gain personal security information by pretending to be from seemingly authentic companies. They can look very convincing at first glance as they copy branding, styles and logos.

Phishing emails - so named because fraudsters use them to "fish" for information - attempt to entice people to provide sensitive information or take actions that a fraudster can exploit for financial gain or other malicious purposes. Within the message they then urge you to click on a link from an apparently real business that you may have used. From that site they trick you into giving away your personal security information. Some phishing emails even threaten dire consequences if you don't respond.

Tip 1
Think before you act - if it sounds suspicious, or too good to be true, it probably is.

Tip 2
Never respond directly to an email request from a company for personal or financial information.
Instead verify the authenticity of the request by using an email or telephone contact that you know is legitimate.

Tip 3
Never go to a web site from a link in an email you suspect to be fraudulent.
Instead enter URLs that you know are legitimate directly into your browser or by using bookmarks you created.

Tip 4
If you unwittingly supply personal or financial information, inform the appropriate institutions immediately.
Banks and credit card companies will work with you to prevent your information from being used against you.

Tip 5
If an apparently legitimate Web site that you have visited before prompts you for a password, enter an incorrect one first. A fraudulent Web site will accept an incorrect password while a legitimate one will not.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Fantail rotten tail cure

A fish tail rot could kill a fish, in fact, 4 of my lovely fantail fish died of it. It all happen so quickly, first I notice that my 2 of my fantail fish were not so happy, they don’t swim much and one of them got a white spot on the tail and the next day, it looks like it has been nip by other fishes in the aquarium. On the 3rd day, it started to get so thin, and on the 4th day one died. The next day the 2nd fish died with same problem, white spots and rotten tail problem. The 2 remaining fish also died a couple of days later, so my husband got another gold fish and put it in the same aquarium without changing the water. He thought it would be allright because he just replaced the filter, but the day after he puts the gold fish in the aquarium, I noticed white spots all over the body and more on the tail. Anyway, we took out the gold fish and placed it in our old small aquarium; we also went to a pet shop and got this medicine for fish called disease clear. Basically it is a cure for all types of disease including tail rot and white or red spots. Anyway, it did work well! Took about 8 days to cure totally the disease and got plenty of it left. The gold fish is now healthy and has not got any problem after it has been cured. So if you got the same problem, don’t take long to get a medicine for it, clean and change the aquarium water and clean all the ornaments in it. If possible while your fish is sick, you can put it in a small container and put the medicine on it for a couple of days, while cleaning your aquarium thoroughly.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Best Auto Repair Shop In Houston Texas

Finding the best Houston auto repair has never been easier! With repair pal you can get all the top rated auto repair shop and mechanics in Houston Texas or on to any part of the United States of America. This website is very cleaver as I think it has got it all! Aside from being an auto mechanic directory, you will also find ratings and reviews of the repair shops and some important facts in taking care of your vehicle.

What I like most about this website is that it has its very own repair price estimator where in you just key in the type and model of your vehicle and type of service you needed and it will then and there give you an estimate cost of the repair with its recommended repair shop. I got an older type of vehicle which is a 1999 model Acura TL and the estimate I got from this website on my brake job is very precise. The recommended repair shops listed ware actually top rated repair shops and well known mechanics in Houston, so I never doubted it and had chosen the nearest one on the list.

I would definitely recommend this website to anyone I know and if you want to get an instant no obligation repair quote of oil change or whatever fault and replacements your car needs, all you have to do is visit the website for more details.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Waiting for Page rank update October 2010

It has been about 6 months now since Google has last updated its toolbar page ranking system and I think it will soon happen again this month. Google’s last page rank update was last 2nd of April 2010, it has been said that Google's toolbars PageRank is updated about 4 times in a year but nobody really knows when it would happen. I am not an expert on this and just like you, I am also waiting on the said page rank to happen. I have been looking at the previous year’s way back 2007 to 2009 and have noticed that last 2007 it took 6 months for Google to update its toolbar page rank and that time Google’s 2nd page rank was updated on the 26th of October 2007. So I guess it will soon to happen this month. Well, we will just wait and see.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Accept credit card payments on your website

There are good reasons why most online businesses are accepting credit card as a way of payment. First let’s look it up on the buyers side. As a buyer, like me, I prefer to use my credit card when shopping online, because it is convenient and very flexible for me to pay it back, I earn points every time I use my credit card, and every year my credit limit goes up, so that means more spending power! On the business side, it is always guaranteed to have an increase of sales and revenue as more and more people are using credit card as a way of payment and guaranteed to receive the payment straight away compare to checks. With these few very good reasons, I think it would be wise for you to accept credit card payments on your website. Mind you, most successful brand shops do accept credit cards, so why not give it a go? Start now, start it with

Fish with rotten tail

Today my two lovely fantail fish just died due to rotten tail or fin rot. What happen is that when my husband bought a bigger aquarium, he also bought 2 additional fantail, 1 silvery colour and 1 black moor fish. Days after they are all together in one aquarium the black moor fish have been chasing the 2 gold fantail fish and I notice there was a little nip on the right corner of the tail on one of the gold fish. Since they have been chased every day, the other gold fish is always at the bottom of the tank hiding on one of the live plant I bought. The second fish is on top and was always bullied by the moor fish. The 2nd week, I notice the fin is thinning out and there has been some sort of white flake on the body. I took the 2 new fish out and placed it in a smaller aquarium, but the two gold fantails are very week and today found them floating lifeless with white flakes all over their body. I am so sad.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Large Format Printing Services Promotion

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Creative IT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wondering where you could get a large format print? Well good news! I have here a recommended company that specialises large format printing from banner printing, signage printing, acrylic printing, canvas prints, hoardings, billboards printing, vinyl banner printing, to mesh banner printing that would suit your budget. I heard about this company from a friend who is a photographer and have used their services a couple of times. He said, the reason he keeps coming back on this company is that he likes the quality of the prints and the customer service is excellent. Well as they say, if a customer keeps coming back, then the company’s service must have been really good! As I have seen on the website, this printing service promotion is brilliant for companies as well as individuals who are looking for Signage printing services as they could help you find the most effective way to suit your budget. Anyway, this Printing Service promotion has a lot to offer, so for whatever printing you require, you could visit the website to find out more about their printing services and chat live with one of their sales personal to discuss on pricing and printing packages.

Visit my sponsor: Superchrome Printing Services Promotion

Washing woolen clothes

I have just taken out my woolen winter coat and now ready for washing. Yes, I do wash my woolen clothes myself and glad to say that I have been doing well with it. Nothing has happen to the wool fabric or any damage so far when I washed it and here is how I do it:

• Put your wool coat or jacket inside a white pillow case and tie the tip of the pillow case. If you coat is too big to get into a pillow case you can use an old yet clean white bed sheet to wrap your coat, the best thing to do is make a sack out of it and put your coat inside then tie the end of the sack.

• Put it inside the washing machine.

• Put a little amount of washing machine detergent and a tiny amount of fabric conditioner.

• Wash it in the most gently setting on the washing machine and should be washed on cold water. Some new washing machine has this wool wash feature, so if you got this, you might as well use it using the same procedure above.

• Spin dry. Do not use the tumble dryer machine as this might cause shrinkage.

• Once done, take it out of the washing machine and open the sack or pillow case to get your coat out and leave it to dry indoors.

• You can iron it when it is almost dry by using an old white bed sheet. Put it over or on top the coat, and then run the iron on the sheet on top of the coat.

But be aware that woolen materials are very delicate as it could shrink when not properly washed or the worst you could ruined it, so I would advise that if your coat, jacket or sweater is very expensive, you could just have it professionally washed so you will not regret if anything happens to it!

Opticians, PD measurement and online eyeglasses store

I just wanted to share with you what I have found out on opticians forum website. The topic was about people coming into their clinic asking for a PD measurement or pupillary distance and going online to buy a pair of eyeglasses where they could get it a lot cheaper. Well guess what? The opticians were not very happy with it; in fact some of them would refuse to give a customer’s PD measurement if they would not agree to get a package deal. Some of them would charge a customer with such a high price for just a PD measurement. The thing is that not all people can afford such high price that is why they go to an online shop where anyone can get a pair of really good eyeglasses for as low as $8. I was researching about this online shop that the opticians are going on about and I found out that it was Now, I have heard a lot about this online shop and read a couple of good feedback from them that they do really good quality eyeglasses for a very affordable price. Anyway, we cannot really do anything if these opticians would refuse to get our PD measurement, what I did to get my PD measurement is that I research on the internet where to get a free PD test and found one, I happen to have it on one of the giant supermarket as they do it yearly. You see some supermarkets does offer free PD measurement, usually once in every year with their optician without any obligation to purchase a pair of eyeglasses from them. On the usual days, they do charge, but for a lesser amount, which I think is fair enough. Also I heard that you can actually measures a PD to 200th/mm exact by using an iPhone. I do not really know how to, as I do not own an iPhone, but some says it does. So you might as well have a go with it.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blog Updates

These past few days, I have been busy blogging and so far all 3 of my blogs now been updated. My latest blog which I have just started the other month now got 4 post, unfortunately it does not have any visitor yet but it is a good blog. My new blog is called Hometips and the posts written there was about cleaning tips. Since this blog is about home, I am planning to add more on it, like growing indoor and outdoor plant tips, delicious recipes that my husband loves to cook and probably some photos and review of my very own home equipment. Anyway, feel free to have a glance on my other blogs called hometips and chloesworld. My chloeworld blog has some very useful information about parenting tips, so if you have a little one or just about to have a baby, I would really recommend this blog. You may click on the links located on the right corner of this blog just right after my profile to visit my other blogs. Thank you and have a lovely day.

Designer Nursing Uniforms

If you are looking for a cheap yet quality scrubs clothing, then I think you would not want to miss this out! I have just saw this website that sells lovely nursing uniforms that any nurse would be proud of wearing it. These are beautifully designed uniform and if you look at some of the photos on the website you will see that it has more details when it comes to stitching and styling.

Unlike the usual boring scrub tops, this has a signature designer stitching on the pocket, which I think is very attractive. This goes the same with the scrub pants; it also has a lovely double stitching design on the pocket with its logo. Well, to tell you, these trendy scrub clothing is only available online and not on the high street shops, so you will not get the same stylish look for a bargain price anywhere else!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Changing color using a fabric dye

I recently Dye my daughters hat using a fabric dye for hand use and it turned out great! It was a lovely hat made of cotton and a polyester lining, the outer shell which is cotton has totally absorb all the color, but sad to say the polyester lining was not that great. Anyway, if you want to dye a piece of cloth using a fabric dye for hand use it is best to know that there are some fabric that are not suitable to dye and these are fabric that are pure polyester, acrylic, nylon, and fabric that has special finishes. A fabric hand dye for hand use is usually suitable for cotton, linen and viscose, wool and silk and here is the direction of how to use it.

• You will need a 250g of salt and a rubber gloves.

• Weigh dry fabric to check that you have sufficient dye. Wash thoroughly, even if new, to remove stains or dressings which may not be visible to the eye. Leave damp.

• Wearing rubber gloves, empty full contents of pack into 500ml of warm water.

• Fill bowl/stainless steel sink with approx. 6 litres of warm water (40 degrees c).

• Stir in 250g (5tbsp) of salt. Add dye and stir well.

• Submerge fabric in water

• Stir for 15mins. Then stir regularly for 45mins

• Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in warm water and dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

• Wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye.

• Then hang it and leave it to dry.

Note that one pack will dye up to 250g of dry weight fabric (e.g. shirt) to full shade or larger amounts to a lighter shade.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

2011 Promotional Calendars

Looking for 2011 calendars? Well, I came across this website where you can order variety of calendars with stunning photos from landmarks, animals, wildlife, vehicles and many more. You can choose whatever you like! Whether it would be wall calendars, magnets calendars, calendar cards, or even desk calendars they got it all! The calendar that I am most interested of is the desk calendars, as my husband and I are planning to have a couple of prints of this to be given away for family and friends over Christmas. Each desk calendar comes with an envelop, so it is very handy for mailing. I would say these are actually brilliant for businesses as you can add your name and contact info to the front and back of calendars as a sort of advertising your company. You can get it as quick as next day delivery or have it in standard delivery so you can get it a lot cheaper, But I think I might go for the standard posting as I want to get it a cheap as possible. Anyway, i suggest that you visit the website to check it out yourself and see the wide ranges of 2011 promotional calendars. Just to let you know, I am always on an eye for a bargain and I would say this is definitely a good buy as you can get 10 pieces of desk calendars for an amazing value of $29.99.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dorset Steam Fair 2010

It has been a week now since I have been back from holiday at the steam fair in Dorset and it has been over all a lovely holiday. During the 5 days steam exhibition, the weather was great and the attraction was bigger and better than it used to be. Well, here are some of the photos I have taken from the great Dorset steam fair 2010.

About the steam fair: The attractions were composed of Steam Exhibition and demonstration, vintage and classic vehicles, rural displays, entertainment and music, booth market and fun fair for everyone. I think it is an excellent fun and action packed day out or even staying in camping for the whole family!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Postcard mailing

Recently browsing online for a postcard and I have discovered this great website where you can get and send postcards to your friends and love ones. What I like about this is that you can make it more personalized by adding your photo and text on the post card. They also guarantee that the postcard will be received on the specific time and date which is absolutely brilliant! Just imagine when you are travelling on a very busy sightseeing schedule or even on a business trip and you could not get the time to queue on a post office. All you have to do is get on the computer after a busy day and just spend 5 to 10 minutes on the computer to get online on this postcard mailing services and create your very own postcard and then choose a receiving date, and then you can relax because everything is taken care by the mailing service. They also do multiple printing of postcards, so if you wish to order bulks with different names and addresses, you can also get it on this website. This would be ideal for businesses and special occasions. Anyway, if you wish to have a go or just check out the website, you can click on the link above.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Boring Sunday

Today is just another boring day! My husband is at work and I am left at home with my little one who is still asleep at this time of the day. It is still 7:40 in the morning by the way, but by just looking outside from the window, I just know this is just another boring day! Still August, but feels more like autumn wintery weather, dark rainy clouds all over that would last the whole day. I can't believe this is summer! Anyway, I am looking forward on our family holiday next week at the beginning of September as will be going to see the steam fair in Dorset. I hope that the weather will be a lot better there and will have 5 days of fun with my family.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Cheap blinds at Blinds Supermarket

If you are looking for cheap yet quality blinds, then I think you should check out this online shop that sells loads of blinds from made to measure, readymade, to personalised blinds they got it all! What amazed me with this is that they are so far the cheapest blinds shop I have ever seen with prices from £15, there are so many styles and colours to choose from. I have so far seen what a £15 blind looks like as I have the one this for my child’s bedroom and I am so far very pleased with it, so I ordered another for my living room and this time I got a lovely but Cheap pleated blinds. The quality is as good as the one you can get in a high street shop, but the problem with high street shop is that they do not have a lot of styles and colours to choose from and sometimes there are not enough of supplies in the shop. Anyway, the good thing about this online blind supermarket is that you can request a free sample before you buy, so you will have an idea of what you are getting for your money. So far the delivery came quickly and was very pleased with the blind and so I am recommending this shop to everyone!

Taking a rust off from a wok

I got this amazing yet cheap way of taking off rust from a wok. Yes I mean really cheap, as you do not need any brushes or steel material to take it off. All you need is a potato, a dish washing liquid and water.

• First, get a potato and slice it in half
• Using the half sliced potato, rub it in a circular motion against the rusty wok surface
• Add a just a little amount of dish washing liquid in the work and continue to rub the potato against it.
• Once the potato reduces its size due to scrubbing, use the other half slice potato to do the same procedure.
• You will then see that the rust on the wok surface is slowly coming off
• Finally rinse with warm water and see the difference.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Webhosting guide 2010

If you are looking for the best and cheapest web host provider, then you might want to check this website called They have all the information you require in knowing which provider have the most value for money. They got this brilliant list of the best 10 cheap host providers in 2010, including their reviews and prices. It also has a list of the award winning host for 2009 from the cheapest hosting, reselling, multiple domain, ecommerce, blog hosting, business hosting and many more. I think you can actually find it all here! Now, what I like about this webhost directory is that if you do not have much idea about what sort of host you are looking for, you can check out their web hosting guide as it gives more information about web hosting, domain names, SEO, webmaster tool and other things that are useful for your web development. The said guide is well categorized, so you can focus on a certain area you wish to explore more. Anyway, if you would like to know more about this web host directory or you might just like to get more idea on webhosting, feel free to visit the given website or click on this hosting guide link.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Reduce household CO2 emission

I am writing this to spread awareness that as an individual we can make a big difference to help save the planet. There are ways to tackle climate change, by reducing impact of CO2 and here are some few things you can surely do to help reduce CO2 emission.

1. Drying clothes outside
2. Washing your clothes at 30 degrees
3. Recycling
4. Switching-off standby
5. Cycling and walking instead of driving
6. Using dress sense
7. Home composting
8. Reusable bags
9. Keep your fridge-freezer clean and ice free
10. Cutting down on meat and dairy

Friday, 6 August 2010

Free Article Publishing at Article Alley

I found this truly amazing website which allows everyone to publish their articles for free. Now this might interest you, because once your article is submitted this will be available to millions of readers around the world. So, if you are a writer or an author this will give your work a chance to be notice big time over the Internet as well as gaining more traffic and links to your website. This could also be a brilliant way of promoting a certain product or services over the Internet, as you can advertise for free by writing an article about it and also include a link that allows readers to go onto your websites homepage. Although I am new to this, this article marketing website has been around since 2004 and has over a million articles from different sorts of categories. I find this website interesting and very informative that is why I sometimes use it when I am researching for something or when I just want to read poems and articles about love and marriage. Since I already have an account with Article Alley, I will be soon publishing my very own article about parenting tips as a way of promoting my baby blog. Anyway if you are interested about this free article publishing, I would encourage you to check it out as you might find it useful as I did.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Letter of Intent: 28/07/2010 Email Scams

I have just received an email with a subject Letter of Intent: 28/07/2010. This is just one of the email scams that has been spreading on the Internet, a person named Mr. Anthony Mutari will write to you and offer you a percentage of an unclaimed money from their bank if you will give out your bank details and other personal information for the said money transfer. Now if you would give him your details, here is what happens next, the scammer will use your bank account details to gain access over your bank account and withdraw all your savings, your personal details will then be sold to somebody else in the Internet to be use for fraud or use it to smuggle somebody to work illegally in your country. So to prevent this from happening, never ever give any bank details or personal information to someone you do not know, specially on the Internet! You can actually gain more information about scams and prevention online as government agencies do post this as a way of informing the public about Internet fraud and crimes.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Personal budgeting

My husband and I have been over our credit limit and so we have decided that it is time to take actions towards budgeting. So this means cutting down on our expenses until we can get back in track. Now, what are the things to cut down?

• Holidays abroad- There will be no holidays abroad for about 2 or 3 years. This means will just go camping around the country to enjoy the summer and some day out on the seaside.

• Buying of jewelleries- I don’t really think I needed one for now.

• Clothing- Just has to make use of what is on the wardrobe. Otherwise just buy one now and again.

• Electronic items- Don’t really need one right now and probably won’t upgrade or get one until one gets broken.

• Car petrol- cut down the road trips if necessary or just goes on nearby places.

Aside from this, I can’t think of anything else for now, but I might be adding up some new things in a day or so.

Friday, 16 July 2010

SeeSaw - A great way to watch TV online

This is probably the biggest breakthrough in television wherein you do not need a recorder to record your favourite program if you cannot watch it on the scheduled airtime. SeeSaw is giving everyone a chance to catch up on the TV program you’ve missed from various providers such as BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Indi studios and variety of movie studio content. I use this online TV to watch 4 On Demand series and I love the fact that this plays clear and clean picture in full screen! Aside from catching up with your favourite program, this online TV also got loads of categories to choose from and have the widest list of British Comedy I have ever seen! This online TV service offers both free and paid for content, and there are hundreds of programs you can try for free. However if your desired program is a paid for content, you do not have to worry as you can watch it for as low as .99 pence per episode or the whole series from just under a fiver. The coolest thing I like about this is that every time I watch something from this online TV, I could also share the fun with friends and family on facebook or even on tweet it with friends in twitter. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and like I said before this online TV has hundreds of free TV programs to choose from, so feel free to have it a go!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Summer Flu-like symptoms

I recently have this flu likes symptoms like frequent sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and a very itchy through that makes me cough the whole day and I was told by my Doctor that this is due to hay fever. A hay fever is a type of allergic rhinitis caused by pollen or spores. Allergic rhinitis is a condition where an allergen (something that causes an allergic reaction) makes the inside of your nose inflamed (swollen). According to my doctor, this usually occurs in spring and summer, when there is more pollen in the air. Trees, grass and plants release pollen as part of their reproductive process. Mould and fungi also release tiny reproductive particles, called spores. Well, the sad part is that this cannot be cured completely, but there are several treatments available you can buy to relive the symptoms like antihistamine tablets, nasal (nose) sprays and eye drops. These somehow helps my hay fever calm down as before going to a doctor, I have tried some over the counter cold tablets and cough medicine and none of them works. When I started drinking the antihistamine tablet, it has put me to sleep, and I feel a lot better when I woke up. Well, I just hope I will totally get over these symptoms as I really am looking forward having a really good summer.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Broadband wireless connection problem

In the passed months, I got a problem with broadband wireless connection, it seems to transmit really slow, and it gets worst as the days pass by, until such time that I could no longer connect to the internet using my laptop. I got no problem with wired connection, as my PC is working fast as usual. So, I replace the hub and still the same problem occurred. I emailed BT and I receive a phone call from a representative giving me some few possibilities of what causes the problem and these are the said possibilities. It can either be that the BT Home Hub is not transmitting the wireless signal correctly, the PC is not receiving the wireless signal correctly, or the wireless signal is being disrupted by 3rd party equipment in your home.

The customer representative from BT then give some steps on how to trouble shoot, and these are the steps:

First you have to ensure that your BT Home Hub is sitting on a non-metallic surface, not on the floor, and that there is no other electrical equipment within a 3 foot radius of it. In particular please ensure that there are no cordless phone base units within close range of the Hub as these also use wireless to communicate with the wireless handset phones and do cause a lot of problems with wireless router signals. Other electronic devices that can cause problems include:

Halogen desk lamps with dimmers
Any electrical dimmer switch
Stereo or PC speakers
Televisions, monitors, microwave ovens etc.
AC power cords running parallel to the telephone line
Electronic insect electrocution devices (bug zappers)
Any other emitter of high frequency electromagnetic radiation

Also try resetting the BT Home Hub back to its factory default settings.

If this fails to improve the wireless signal it is also possible that the wireless channel that the BT Home Hub is set to function on does not work well with your own computer. There are 11 different wireless channels that the BT Home Hub can be set to transmit on and you can try changing the wireless channel to a different one.

I have done the checking of electrical equipment's and the resetting and none of it works so I did the last advice, I change the wireless channel and in just 1 minute, I got the wireless connection back to it's normal speed.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Commonly used crowd control

Crowd controls are found in public places which set as public guidance to control a crowd. By using this somewhat public guidance, this will then create a peaceful and orderly queue. However, there are different sorts of crowd control products that are used in public areas and the two most commonly used are the stanchions and the barricades. What makes this two crowd control different? Stanchions are ideal for pedestrians and are commonly seen in airports, hotels, banks and store outlets. Made of Velvet rope which can be seen in different colors, and its post is made of steel.

Barricades are ideal to block a certain passage or to create a more structural form of guidance. These are commonly seen in Parks, Parking, Restaurant, Construction Sites, Police Activities, and Sports complex. Also found in Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Casinos, and Theatres. This type of crowd control can be made of steel fences, plastic fences, rectangular rail or belt like barrier. Anyway, these two crowd controls are both essential for keeping the crowd in order and I think it is a must have in every establishment!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

MP3 for jimny

Suzuki jimny does not have an auxiliary socket however there are some things you can get so you could still listen onto your MP3 player or iPod. Try to buy a car MP3 FM transmitter; this would wirelessly connect your mp3 to your car stereo through a FM frequency and would work perfectly when you got the right frequency. For iPod users, there is also an iPod Interface Module you can buy from Suzuki shops, this wire provide iPod connectivity to standard audio unit via connection in glove box. For mobile phone MP3, check out your phone if it has a FM transmitter so you could connect it to your car’s FM radio. As far as I know, most walk man phone from Ericson has it and it would also transmit music through the car’s radio without any wires.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Maxithlon your free web browser game

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Maxithlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Good news to all online gamers, here is another cool game you could try online without any downloads! A game of track and field in which allows you to build and manage an athlete club and then compete with other users from around the world. What makes this game cool? Well, first, the games registration is completely free, second reason is that there is no need to download and third is that you can play whenever you want to!

The game is actually fun and at the same you could learn from it, as it is somehow similar to managing a real track and field club. In the game, you will be able to have control over the finances of your club as well as overseeing your athletes’ performance, so you will have to train your athletes to reach their goals and join your team in the championships to compete with other clubs around the world. Well, it is actually you as a manager playing and interacting with other managers or users from different areas of the world. Anyway, I would recommend that you visit the website for more details and follow the 3 easy steps on how it works. Remember that joining is easy and fun, so it is always worth of having a go!
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Monday, 28 June 2010

Foods high in saturated fats

I think everyone should be aware that eating saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood and overtime this increases your chance of developing heart disease. So, I think everyone should be aware of the foods that are high in saturated fats, such as:

• Fatty cuts of meat and meat products such as sausages and pies
• Butter, ghee and lard
• Cream, soured cream and crème fraiche
• Full fat cheese
• Pastry
• Cakes and biscuits
• Some sweet and savoury snacks such as confectionery
• Coconut oil, coconut cream and palm oil

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Zenni Optical your online eyeglasses store

If you are looking for a good quality and affordable pair of eye glasses, then I think you should check out this online shop called This eyeglass online shop does have a good feedback when it comes to customer’s satisfaction in fact they are now rated as the number 1 online eyeglasses store and so far the biggest online eyeglasses retailer. Well, if you only visit their website you really cannot argue with that, as you can get a complete eyeglass from just $8 wherein if you get it somewhere else you would have to pay separately for the lens and the frame. Now, why do they sell it that cheap? Well, Zenni Optical uses the latest when it comes to materials, manufacturing and marketing. With this they bring their products direct from their factories to every customer and they cut out the middlemen, cut retail overhead and cut out the advertising budget. So basically they just leave it to satisfied customers to spread out the word and by cutting out these things, it means their prices are cut down to the lowest level too. As of the eyeglasses styles, there is a lot to choose from and I think they are very fashionable and stylish too! Check it out and be amazed on how much you can save!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Fathers day

Today the 20th of June 2010 I would like to greet all the wonderful DADS’ a happy father’s day! I know not every country celebrates father’s days in neither the same month nor the same date but as far as I know, all countries do celebrate it for the same reason, and that is to celebrate fatherhood!

To all Dad’s

Wishing you a day filled with peace, love, and happiness and a year with filled with great success and joy!

Happy Fathers day!

Friday, 18 June 2010

UK Online TV

Recently saw this amazing website that allows you to watch online TV from different providers such as BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Indi studios and variety of movie studio content which is available to watch anytime and any day at your comfort and the best thing about this is that you can also share this with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The website is called SeeSaw and with this you can watch hundreds of programs for free! Rent premium shows from UK and US in which by the way is at a very affordable price from just .99 pence per episode rental or you can also rent the complete series from just £4.99 for 30 days. This is also great if you want to catch up on 4oD and Demand Five programs and best of all you can play everything in full screen, safely and legally! I have tried a few of the free series and I would say the quality of the picture if very good. The whole week catch up program, 4 on demand and five are totally free and what I like about this online TV is that all programs are easy to find as they are categorized by the nature of the show such as Comedy Section, drama section, entertainment, factual, lifestyle and sports. Anyway, please feel free to have a go of this amazing website and I am certain that from now on, you will not miss a single TV episode!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Diet foods

If you are on a diet or just concerned about your food intake, I have here some ideas of healthy foods you may try for your diet. These are not just healthy, they are delicious too!

• Sandwiches or pitta bread filled with salad vegetables, grated cheese, mashes salmon, or sardine or cold meat.
• Yogurts and fromage frais.
• Humus and bread or vegetable sticks.
• Ready to eat apricots, figs, or prunes.
• Vegetable and bean soups.
• Fortified unsweetened breakfast cereals, muesli, and other whole grain cereals with milk.
• Milky drinks or unsweetened fruit juices.
• Fresh fruit.
• Baked beans on toast or baked potato.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Best business web host

If you are looking into changing your web host or perhaps thinking of getting one, then I would recommend that you check out this web hosting reviews website called I have already written a couple of article about this Website and as far as I know this Website has been a constant award winning review site since 2004. Now, what to expect on this website? This website features independent rating and reviews of the best web hosting providers. They always have a top 10 list of the best web host in the every year and you will see there the list of providers and its ratings, features, bonuses and customer reviews.

Now if you are looking for the best business web host, then this website has got the right one for you! This web hosting review website also got a lists of top ecommerce web hosting, in fact if you click on this link I have provided, this will directs you to the website and show you the 2010 best ecommerce web hosting provider. Aside from the written facts of the best web host provider in the current year, you will also see real customer ratings and reviews of the ecommerce web host for you to read and have some an idea of what to expect if you will get the same service. As of the moment, there are about 299 numbers of reviews from this 2010 best ecommerce web host for you to read on, so I would say just check it out and find out what the real customer has to say with its services.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Containment cap used in the Oil leak

I have here a layout picture of the said containment cap use to funnel the oil leak in Gulf of Mexico. This containment cap has said to captured 10,000 barrels of oil in the first 24 hours and said to the first success of capturing oil spills. It has said on the news that since Saturday from 10,000 barrels of oils, the said amount has risen and now estimated 12,000 to 19,000 barrels leaking each day is being captured. I am posting this as I feel that there is a spark of hope that this disaster will soon to have an end.

Attempt to cap oil leak

The latest stage in BP's efforts to contain leaking oil has involved lowering a cap onto the failed blowout preventer (BOP) valve system on the seabed. The cap sits on the BOP's lower marine riser package (LMRP) section.

First, the damaged riser - the pipe which takes oil from the well - was cut where it nears the seabed using a remotely-operated shear. This was completed at 1930 CDT on 1 June (0030 GMT 2 June).

The next stage was for a diamond wire cutter to saw through the riser close to the LMRP. The blade got stuck and had to be removed but BP eventually cut through the pipe using giant shears manipulated by undersea robots (ROV).

After removing the pipe, the cap was lowered onto the LMRP enabling the leaking oil and gas to be funnelled to a drill ship on the surface. Latest estimates suggest more than half of the leaking oil is now being captured.

Photos and news resources were taken from BBC website where I regularly read recent events.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

California’s top ranked university

If you are getting ready for a university or college or perhaps like me, thinking of getting into a higher education, then I think you should check out this University of Redlands in California. Why University of Redlands? Well, aside from the fact that this University has been rated as one of Americas Best Colleges in 2010 the school has also maintained its high academic standards as well as letting the students experience and enjoy a rich cultural and social scene. How did I know that? Well, I did some research and my sister is one of the alumnea of the university, she had her business degree and she did say she had a great time at the Inland Empire collage and would recommend this University to everyone.

Anyway, here is some good news for an adult learner who wishes to finish their business degree. I have read on the website that the California business school now got 8 different locations to choose from in southern California, so you can choose which of these places would be the most convenient, plus you could get a chance of getting up to $2,400 scholarship! The university actually has a lot to offer when it comes to figures and facts, so I think it is now for you to find out what it is, mind you, this is the only university in southern California to be ranked as both A+ School and best value by US news and world report. Now, that is something you would not want to miss! If you require more information about the University, I would encourage you to visit the website of University of Redlands for more details.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

How to cut down saturated fats

Saturated fats are not good for the human’s health as it could raise the level of cholesterol in the blood and could lead to developing heart disease. So, here are some simple things you can do to cut down saturated fats into your food. I got this from a food standard leaflet which I find very useful and think I should also share this with others through my blog.

• By simple choosing lower-fat dairy products – example: try 1% fat milk and look out for yoghurt and cheese that are lower in fat.
• Simple grating cheese instead of slicing – this can mean you eat less of it, which can help you reduce saturated fat intake.
• When shopping compare the labels of cheese to see which of the products contains less fat?
• Simple using leaner mince can reduce saturated fat intake or try using turkey mince which is even leaner.
• By eating chicken without the skin. When cooking chicken, go easy with creamy sauces, try a bit of lemon and some herbs instead.
• Using sunflower oil instead of butter.
• Trim the fat off the meat and try grilling meat instead of frying.
• By simply eating more balance meals. Try lots of fruits and vegetable and plenty of rice potatoes pasta and other starchy foods. These are low in saturated fats, so they make your meals healthier.
• Eat less pastry.
• Healthy snacks when on the go- try apple, and some dried fruits

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Save energy and money with temperature controllers

I would just like to share this device our school has got few months ago. The school technician has installed a room temperature control at the office which allows people like me from the school administration department to have access and control of the room temperatures on all the classrooms and offices in the school. I have been working in this school for the past 3 years and 6 months and have notice a big difference when it comes to the schools heating and electricity bills. The bills have so far gone down to almost a half of the usual billing and the school head master was very impressed about it, in fact he has also added a natural ventilation control which provides indication and positional control of window vents.

I think this device is just brilliant! Not only does it save a lot of money but it also keeps all the rooms in the desired average temperature. These room temperature controllers will go great with temperature sensors and they are very affordable, so I think you must have this device if you got a business that holds more than 1 room like a hotel or even a school. This will definitely save you energy and money!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Please look my CV. Thank you. email scam!

This is one of the ongoing scam emails I have been receiving lately, an email that says “Please look my CV. Thank you.” Well this type of scammers just won’t stop and will do anything to steal people’s files and identity, so they send out emails with an attachment hoping somebody would open and download their virus. What happen is that they once you have opened the file and download the attachment, this virus will then track everything in your computer and send out all information’s to the third party which is of course the hacker or should I say the sender of email scam!
Anyway, I am just posting this just to warn everyone that this email is a scam! And the attached file is a virus and not a CV, so be very careful! Never open this attachment as this would steal all your details. I have here a copy of the email just to let you see what it looks like:

Please look my CV. Thank you.
From: Katina Prater
Add to Contacts
To: (60KB)

I have figured out that you have an available job.
I am quiet intrested in it. So I send you my resume,

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Get a protected Online storage

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If you are looking for a place to store all your important documents, then I think you should consider some important facts before storing them somewhere else. Security is the most important thing you should consider, but now a day it is the biggest risk any person is facing especially online. Did you know that any hacker will have access to the data as much as you have? Yes indeed! They can do pretty much as they want to when they get a control over your files, that is why more and more people are having issues with identity thief and businesses lose a lot of money, and as a result, this will lead to company closure. Anyway, I just recently saw this online file storage called where in you can access your documents from any computer or even mobile phone and you can share and collaborate with others safely with it. It is a secure data deposit box which is very handy to have for individuals, businesses or even legal professionals. Now what makes this thing unique from other online storage company? Well, this has said to be using the latest when it comes to security techniques and encryptions, in fact, their servers are hosted on Amazon’s infrastructure so best reassured that your files and important documents are safely stored. What I like about is that once your documents are securely stored in, you can easily share this to the other party without giving an access to your account and they have this feature where in it will warn you about pending expiry of documents, so you can renew policy ahead of time. So, here is the good news! You can try this out for free if you signed up now on their free starter account and get an unlimited-period 5 document free trial.

iSigned - secure online storage for legal and other important documents
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iPhone 3GS new features

These are the iPhone 3GS new features:
Speed 2X faster
Load web pages, launch apps, open attachments, and take pictures faster than ever before. iPhone 3GS makes your entire iPhone experience more responsive.

Video Camera
iPhone 3GS now lets you shoot and edit video, then share it via email, MMS, MobileMe, or YouTube. And still pictures get better with a 3-megapixel camera, built-in autofocus, and a tap-to-focus feature.

Cut, copy and paste
Cut, copy, and paste words and photos, even between applications. Copy and paste images and content from the web, too.

Spotlight search
Find what you're looking for across your iPhone, all from one place. Spotlight searches all your contacts, email, calendars, and notes, as well as everything in your iPod.

Voice Control
With Voice Control, you can use your voice to call a person in your contacts list, dial a number or play a song.

Digital Compass
Find your way with the new digital compass or watch as it automatically rotates maps to match the direction you're facing.
Use messages to send text, photos, audio, video, and more. Forward a whole message or just the important parts.

Voice Memo
Capture a voice memo, a meeting or any audio recording on the go. Use the built-in iPhone microphone or the mic on your headset to record audio.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Seach and download PDF for free

For anyone who likes using PDF format, here is your chance to try this new search engine for PDF files. Many people do use this type of format as it is useful for businesses and sometimes people just like using it as they find it more users friendly. I have actually just seen this PDF search engine and I think it is very interesting! I am not very familiar about this since I only saw this recently, however I have notice that they got so many lists of EBooks which is very handy if you are searching for something. Very handy for students as they can just browse in seconds and get instant results, plus you could download your searches for free. This could also be handy for personal use, as you can search any type of manuals from personal gadgets to home appliances, then download and print it out, so you get your very own manual or even user guide. Not only this, but this search engine also has categories in fields of businesses and finance, religion, sports, science, travel, social, medical, or even holiday, so you got a lot of options to choose from. Anyway, this pdf search engine is for free, so you might as well just try it out and see if it any use to you.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Free yahoo messenger on blackberry

I am going to give you some websites where you can use for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, Facebook and MySpace IM for free. These will allows you to use the messenger without downloading it and paying for the data plan. You can use these services only if you got a wifi connection, meaning you are able to connect to the internet from your home broadband or on public places that gives wifi services. On your blackberry internet browser, you may try,, or Just type in one of these websites and then start using the messenger for free. However, you should always remember to set your mobile connection preference on wifi only to avoid getting charges from your mobile network company.

Get your website noticed

Going online is probably the most advance way of marketing now a day but like most website you need a stepping stone in getting your website notice, meaning you got to have links and got to be first in famous search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo. As far as I know for most famous companies on the internet today have archive this with the help of a good search engine optimization company, so in that way a specialist will guide every steps and move to help in improving the website performance as well as analyze its contents and make it search engine friendly. In that way, as your website is highly visible in online searches, you will also get more customers. Anyway, this seo company I am talking about has said to be the most affordable seo company on the internet and currently they are offering a free site analysis and customized SEO report to get you started. So all you have to do now is fill out the online form on the website and they will work it out for you. If you wanted to know more about this company, you may as well take a look at the website, as it may have some useful information I have miss out to tell you.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Yahoo messenger on iPhone 3GS

I am going to give you some websites where you can use for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, Facebook and MySpace IM for free. These will allows you to use the messenger without downloading it and paying for the data plan. You can use these services only if you got a wifi connection, meaning you are able to connect to the internet from your home broadband or on public places that gives wifi services. On your iPhone internet browser, you may try,, or Just type in one of these and then start using the messenger for free. However, you should always remember to set your mobile connection preference on wifi only to avoid getting charges from your mobile network company.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Rochester International Jazz Festival 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are looking for a fun music festival this coming season, then you will definitely love the famous Rochester International Jazz Festival. This festival is sponsored by Xerox which will be held at Rochester, New York on the 11th of June 2010 to the 19th of June 2010. This said festival is going to be a whole 9 days of fun music with famous musicians performing like Herbie Hancock, Gladys Knight, Jeff Beck, Bernie Williams, Keb’ Mo’, John Pizzarelli and many more, live on stage! Every year, this big event attracts more than 125,000 people and in fact, last year in June 2009 there was a record estimated of 133,000 people who joined in this music festival. That is really something! As we know Xerox Corporation is multi-billion dollar company that sells wide ranges of color and black-and-white printers, multifunction systems, photo copiers, digital production printing presses, and related consulting services and supplies worldwide. Now as a proud partner of Rochester Festival Xerox Corporation is working towards promoting this event in reaching out to the public which I think is also one way of promoting their company. Anyway, I have here a video of the Rochester International Jazz Festival 2010 for you to have a glance on what to expect of the said event.

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Advantages of having a wind deflector on cars

Recently bought a wind deflector for our family car and I would say it really is useful. The reason why I got a window deflector is that I got fed up with the window fogging and also I read some facts that it would keep the interior of the car free of smoke, because my husband is a smoker and I don’t like the cigarette smell and smoke circulating around the car. Anyway, here are some more good advantages of having a wind deflector in a car:

A. It gives your car a stylish look.
B. Wind Deflectors help with fresh air circulation.
C. Reduces window fogging during wet conditions.
D. Helps reduce the build-up of heat during summer.
E. Reduce wind noises while channeling airflow.
F. Somehow shields against rain

Thursday, 13 May 2010

How to get the right life insurance

We all know that getting a life insurance is one way of reassuring that our love ones are protected if something comes along like illness or death. So you have to be wise in choosing the right insurance for you as there is probably thousands of life insurer’s on the market today that offers a wide range of policy that may be slightly deferent from what you really wanted.

Now, I have seen this website called Advantage Term Life where in you can get a quick quote and compare prices and policies of life insurance from all major carriers in the United States. This is very handy as you not need to look into different websites, all you have to do is fill up the quote form and then they will do the hard work for you, they will send you all the life insurance companies that fit your needs with all the details needed and prices too which I think this is the best way of getting a really good deal!

On the website you will also find some useful guides on how to lower your insurance premium, I believe that this simple guide could help you save a lot of money so it would be worth to check it out too! Remember, it will just take seconds to find out how much you are getting for your insurance and how much money you could save if you get a quick online quote now.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mother's Today May 9, 2010

Although mother’s day is celebrated in deferent day and month in different countries every year and was given different meanings, associated to different events like religion, history or even legendary, it has still come down to one main reason and that is to celebrate motherhood. Today the 9th May 2010, I would like to greet all the wonderful mums in Anguilla, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, People's Republic of China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis St. Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia and Zimbabwe a Happy Mother’s day!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Snickers gym videos

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Want to get fit? Then I think you should have a look at these videos of extreme ways of getting into shape. These videos were actually sponsored by my favourite nutty chocolate Snickers and presented by the all time favourite action-adventure superstar Mr. T of "The A Team" where he turns the men of Britain from chumps into champs in the snickers gym. Yes the famous Mr. T was in here last January 2010 with a mission to toughen the men of UK including footballers and rugby players. On his tour here in the UK, Mr. T has challenge the fitness of the footballers and rugby player by testing their strength to the max and it was a success! With the said success of the Snickers tour, it has then lead to these videos of extreme workouts, which is just like how sneakers are made of, with extremely delicious taste of roasted peanuts, nougats, caramel and milk chocolate it is definitely the taste that everybody go nuts for. I love sneakers chocolate bars because it has a high calorie count that would boast your energy level. So I would say, Snickers is a great snack for in-between meals and a great pick me up when you are on the move to keep up the energy, just like these men on the videos. They definitely need snickers to keep up with the extreme workout!

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Monday, 3 May 2010

The latest in Gulf of Mexico oil spills

Recently saw these photos of oil spills in Mexico and it is quite alarming. What happen is that when the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig sank on 22 April it began spilling oils as many as 5,000 barrels a day into the water. They say it would take 3months to drill relief wells that could fully contain the spillage, but then during these months that oil is still in the waters, it could make a huge impact of disaster on the golf coast. On the news, US President Barack Obama has described a sprawling oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico as a "potentially unprecedented" environmental disaster. He said the focus was now on preventing any further damage to the Gulf coast and his government would do whatever it takes to clean up the oil, adding that BP was responsible and must pay.

According to the latest news today of BBC, the Oil giant BP has acknowledged it is "absolutely responsible" for cleaning up a huge oil spill after an accident at one of its wells off the US coast. BP has said it will honour legitimate claims for compensation from people affected by the spill. The said oil spill clearing could run into billions of dollars and would take months to fully clear the waters of the coast, but until then this environmental disaster could also affect livelihood of people from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida as most of this places host a multi-billion-dollar fishing industry.

I have here a satellite image released on Saturday showed that the slick had grown roughly to the size of Puerto Rico - about 3,500 sq miles (9,000 sq km). This was taken from BBC news website.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank in Burkina Faso email scams!!

This is another sample of an email scam that has been going on for quite some time now and what they do is ask your bank details so you and he can split up the said money, if there is any. Anyway, never give any information back from this scammers, because the truth is, he will steal your identity and withdraw all your funds from your account. There has also been some bogus about stealing identity from these types of scams, like they take your details and then use your identity for going abroad and work there illegally, so be very careful who you are handing out your details. This kind of deal is just too good to be true and definitely a scam!

I have here a copy of the said email from the scammer just for you to see what it looks like:

Dear Friend,
From: daniel kuso
Add to Contacts
Dear Friend,

i am mr. Daniel Kuso banker in one of the reputable bank in burkina faso . i have decided to contact you on a business deal of US$10.500 million and the depositor of the said fund died with his entire family during the iraq war in 2006.

according to our banking law, if the fund remain unclaimed for (6) years then, the fund will be transfer into the reserve bank of burkina as unclaimed bill. i don't want the fund to go into the bank treasury and as such, let us claim the fund.

i want to present you as his cousin or business partner so that the bank will transfer the fund into your bank account for us to share it. your percentage will be 50% while 50% will be for me.

as an insider in this bank, i assure you that, this transaction is 100% risk free. if you are willing for this deal, contact me for more details but if you are not capable, please notify me.

the transaction will take us only 14 banking days. nobody knows about the fund and as such, you must keep the secret within you must keep this deal as secret for the security of the fund. do not disclose this deal to anybody because i want the secret to be between us only.

i will give you the text of the application to fill and send to the bank for the release of the fund into your bank account on the receipt of your message. i will monitoring the whole situation here in the bank until you confirm the money in your bank account and ask me to come down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentage indicated above.

you can see the news in bbc and cnn regarding their death:

i will be glad to hear from you as soon as you receive this message as to enable me give you the application to fill and send to the bank.

best regard,
mr. Daniel Kuso,

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I love my Nikon SLR camera

The Nikon D40, this is my first SLR digital camera and I still love it! My husband bought this one for me a year ago and I still got no problem with, the battery is still superb! The battery last more than 2 weeks with daily use and could take more than 600 photos with still half bar on it. I got no problem with the camera even when my husband tried to clean it and got the focus screen scratched. The photos are still fabulous and the scratched focus screen does not affect the quality of the picture at all. But my husband has managed to replace the focus screen by himself, and now it’s like new.

Here are the specifications of Nikon D40:
Resolution: 6.10 Megapixels
Kit Lens: 3.00x zoom
(27-83mm eq.)
Viewfinder: Optical
LCD Size: 2.5 inch
ISO: 200-3200
Shutter: 30-1/4000
Max Aperture: 3.5
Mem Type: SDHC / SD
Battery: Custom LiIon
Dimensions: 5.0x3.7x2.5in
Weight: 16.8 oz
(475 g)
Availability: 12/2006

Repalcing a focus screen of Nikon D40 D70 D60 D50 D40X

How to install a focusing screen of Nikon SLR camera, model: D40, D40X, D70, D60, D50

These are simple steps on how to install the focusing screen of your Nikon D40 SLR camera, no need to take your camera to a shop and have a professional install it for you.
All you need to do is buy the focus screen in an online shop and do these steps:
1. Turn your camera off and remove the lens
2. Place the camera gently upside down on a stable surface and using tweezers remove the metal bracket from inside your camera
3. Still using the tweezers, remove the original focus screen
4. Replace with your new split image focus screen
5. Gently shake the camera to ensure the screen is in place
6. Replace the metal bracket and lens

it usually is very expensive to have it replace, as the technician will also bill you for the repair, testing, and cleaning, so it is better to do it yourself.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Late spring flowers

Due to the long cold winter, my daffodils and tulips is a bit late this year. I think it is more like 4 weeks late. These lovely flowers usually grow and blossoms every valentines or Easter and is usually given as a present during those days. But since valentines and Easter have pass by, I think I will just leave it as it is, in the garden. I will not be picking them up anymore, besides I think they do add up a little beauty outside the house. Anyway, I have attached a photo of my little garden outside the house. There are about 15 daffodils and 20 tulips planted but as you can see there are only 3 tulip flowers in the garden, somehow I am still waiting at the others to flower out soon.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Try to personalized your postcard

Ever heard of personalized postcards? Well here is a website where you can upload your very own photo and messages online then let them send it for you. This is a great way of letting your family and friends, or even business associates know that you think of them while you are on holiday. I do like sending postcards and I like receiving one too, but what amazed me with this company is that they do it all for you, well except for uploading a photo if you prefer it to be personalized, then they do the printing and sending of the postcards. They usually offers these lovely colour postcards in bulk orders more like 50 pieces for a very low starting price of £11.95, but with it you can also upload your very own logo. Now this also is ideal for a company who wishes to send postcards to clients and business partner and at the same time you get the chance promote the name of your company by affixing your company logo on it. So no more worries of rushing up to a souvenir shop to get some postcards and queuing in a post office, you can do it at your most convenient time and comfort of the hotel room.

Cancelled flights due to volcanic eruption

Due to the volcanic eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull of Iceland flights from UK, Russia, Belgium, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland has been affected and airspace totally closed. Other European countries like Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden are partially closed. The said volcano erupted twice in 2010, first eruption was on the 20th March and second eruption was on the 14th April, but flight interruption has started on the 16th of April 2010.

As viewed on the news, according to the scientists who have been monitoring this volcanic eruption, this sort of eruption could go on for days, weeks, maybe months and it is very difficult to predict what when this will this flight interruption goes back to normal. The latest news so far about this is as of today the 17th of April 2010 is that restrictions on flights in and out of the UK are extended until Sunday. I do hope that this catastrophe will not last long as many people and business have been affected by it.

Friday, 16 April 2010

It is worth getting funeral insurance

Did you know that getting yourself insured is the best thing you can do for you and your family? Now a day almost everybody got an insurance from health, car, home, building, life, mortgage, and even a mobile phone insurance. I am sure you got most of these but would you consider getting yourself a funeral insurance? I know not many people think as positive as I do about this, but for practicality reasons I think everyone should get one. Just imagine what it would be like losing someone and at the same time worrying about the expenses for the funeral and burial. Would it be great to have a peace of mind, knowing everything is under control, done and paid for? Yes getting funeral insurance would solve all financial concerns and you can even organize the details of your funeral, as you wish to. I remember when my grandmother died, she did not have a funeral insurance, and everything is just a mess, the whole family has to argue about the expenses and who is going to organize everything. All her four children are busy with work and family and they too have their own financial obligations. So with the sudden death of my grandmother, I have seen how difficult they have gone through financially and emotionally. Death does matter and it would eventually come to everyone, so the best thing to do is live your life to the fullest and be prepared by getting yourself funeral insurance.

The cove a must see documentary

I saw this on DVD last night and I would say this is a must see documentary film. To give you a small details of what it is: the cove is an American documentary film that describes the annual killing of dolphins in a National Park at Taiji, Wakayama, in Japan from an anti–dolphin-hunting campaigner's point of view. The film was released in 2009, highlights that the number of dolphins killed in the Taiji dolphin hunting drive is several times greater than the number of whales killed in the Antarctic, and claims that 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed in Japan every year in the country's whaling industry. The migrating dolphins are herded into a hidden cove where they are netted and killed by means of spears and knives over the side of small fishing boats.

The film is actually very good and it is up to the people what they would like to think about it, but in my opinion this is very educational. I love these creatures and I used to pay just to watch them perform, but after seeing this, I don’t think I will do it again as I now know that this also leads to dolphin extinction. You see these fisherman’s will capture so many dolphins and then select a few that can be trained, then sold these dolphins to an amusement parks for $150 each. But then the rest of the dolphins will be slaughtered and then sold to markets as whale meat or dolphin meat. However majority of the people in Japan does not know about this, so do not blame and generalize Japanese people. These dolphin killings are not only happening in Japan, there have been reports that this is still going on in some countries. I think this film is an eye opener for everyone so I would encourage you to watch this as this will serve as a campaign to help spread the word to stop Dolphin killings.

Everything about sports betting

If wanted to know all about sports betting, like the latest results of your favorite sports, the best sports books, or even just wanted to learn more on about sports betting, then I think you would be interested in this website called sports betting spots. This website is truly amazing and I think this will also help you save a lot of money because this will serve as a guide on how and where you are going to place your bet. For instance, you will see on the website the lists of the top 10 sports books and their ratings, reviews and bonuses. Here you will also see some guides in sports betting that I think are very helpful for beginners because it has some helpful tips on what to consider in sports bet. I did not know much about sports betting online, although my husband used to bet on basketball results with friends and he finds spots betting fun and exciting! My husband was actually talking about betting online on the next basketball playoff and I told him about this website. After reading some of the articles, he said his favorite article there was the sport tips and tricks. He finds it very helpful and entertaining; in fact he has recommended it to one of his officemates. Well, I guess you might as well check it out and see for yourself what this website can do for you.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chronic Urticaria

I used to suffer from chronic urticaria way back 4 years ago and I haven’t got a clue why it just suddenly spread all over my body. I have been to the doctor a couple of times and the usual prescription given is Antihistamines. It does somehow disappear but the problem is that when I don’t drink the tablet it will come back. I use to drink it every other day for about 2 years but I hated it because the tablet does have a side effect on me, I feel tired all the time. I went to see an allergologist and she have given a list of what not to eat, I got check, scanned , x-ray and so on, but they could not see anything wrong on my body. The doctor had also given me some steroids and antihistamine to be taken daily and at the same time I have to follow the diet list of food she has given me. It did not work! I did some research and came across a Chinese website that says something about excises, having the right sleep, and drink an apple juice and then olive oil to cleanse the body. Anyway, I could not drink an olive, I would not want to. But I did the exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and apple juice daily, then it has stop, the map like thing called urticaria has disappear! Although sometimes I still feel red hot flashes on my neck and behind the ears, but it did slowly disappeared. Until today, thank God that horrible illness have not came back, however, I have notice that when I get stress out and I don’t have a good sleep at night, I will still itch but not a sign of rush or that urticaria, what I just do is drink an antihistamine. Oh, the non-drowsy work better that the other one.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Very affordable K-12 and college math tutors

If you are considering of getting a Math Tutor for your child or maybe you as a college student needed Math Help, I think you might be interested on this Online Math Tutor website that I am about to reveal. Last month my sister got a tutor for her K-12 child, she told me her son has been doing well with quizzes and exams ever since she registered her son on this Online Tutor website.

Now this is the good part that I just discovered this today when I look it up on the internet that this Free Online Tutoring website she has registered with has just cut down the tutoring prices and now more affordable than ever. I think this is so far the lowest price I have seen online and you can get a month of math help for just $59.99. That is just amazing! With this 40% off you still get the same services like 24/7 tutor availability, assignment help, instant chat, and best of all you get your very own personalized Math Problem Solver. Usually all this Math Tutors Online offers the same services but they do defer in prices, so why pay more?

UPS Delivery Problem Emails is A scam!

This is one of the ongoing scam emails I have been receiving lately, a UPS Delivery Problem delivery for a parcel that doesn’t exist! I am posting this just to warn everyone that this is a scam and not from UPS. On the scam email attached is a virus that says your invoice number, so be very careful! Never open this attachment as this would send information from your computer to the third party and would steal all your details. I have here a copy of the email just to let you see what it looks like:

Wed, 31 March, 2010 20:53:05
UPS Delivery Problem NR 29676.
From: UPS Support Neva Ware
Add to Contacts
To: ....................@ (47KB)

Unfortunately we failed to deliver your postal package you have sent on the 6th of December in time
because the recipient’s address is incorrect.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our department.

United Parcel Service of America.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Kids love Alvin and the chipmunks

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mom and dad readers, if you and your kids miss the movie The Squeakquel on the cinemas last year, then I have this good news for you. The latest animated film of Alvin and the Chipmunks titled The Squeakquel is now is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. I recently bought this Squeakquel DVD on Amazon and I was so happy that I got two for the price of one! That would be the film Squeakquel plus one sings a long disc titled The Squeak Along, which my daughter keeps playing over and over again. Kids love Munk Mayhem, in fact these three adorable little squirrels has always been my favorite cartoon character since I was a little girl and now to my surprise, my daughter seems to like them too. I would say this is family friendly film and I would encourage all parents to buy it now while they are still on sale! This would be a great DVD collection for your child to start up with and I am sure he or she will be pleased with it. Oh, here are some More Munk Mayhem fun activities and songs that you and your kids can try for free. It is fun, educational, exciting, and very entertaining, just a perfect way to bond with your child.

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