Monday, 18 January 2010

My brother's wedding

During our holiday in the Philippines, we have been looking at my brother’s wedding album which we missed last august 2009. The photos were great, and judging by the look of it, it was a beautiful wedding. I ask his wife how they manage to do such a lovely wedding with both of them working full time in an office. She told me they did the planning and some friends and officemates volunteer to help them too. From my brother’s office, an officemate gave them a wedding cake and his boss gave him a roast pig as a present. All in all they got two wedding cakes, two roast pigs and a roast cow for the reception. The bride’s dress which she designed herself looks amazingly beautiful, and so are the entourage. We also have seen the video and I was so impressed on how they did it all, from the invitations, flowers up to the wedding favours, it was all so beautifully made, she told me they manage to make it themselves, but they have done some research on the internet and got some few ideas there. Well, the internet now is the easiest access to everything, and getting everything is a lot easier. You can view, choose, or even order cheap invitations online yet still looks elegant. Well like my brother and his wife, they have managed to get lots of beautiful wedding ideas on the internet and have use it well.

My ideas for valentines

I have recently visited a friend and she was telling me all about her great plans for valentines like the perfect candlelight dinner and the perfect present for her partner. It all sounds great but as it is still just a plan, she still got no idea of how to do it and where to find such great information of getting that perfect presents she has been looking for. She then asks me about my plans, well I told her that my plan is also similar to her, a dinner and a present for my husband. I told her that I recently came across a website that tells so much about Valentine’s Day. I was actually amazed that this certain webpage can give so many options when it comes to Valentine Gifts, so I told her about it. This morning, she phoned me and told me that she knows exactly what she is looking for as a present for her partner and she got it from that website I have given her. Well, I told her I got my present from there too, it was not expensive but I think it is a wonderful surprise for my husband. As of the romantic dinner, well, I still got a lot of research and practice, because I can’t cook, perhaps a take away would do.

Nice to be back home

I have been to the Philippines last November to December 2009 at it was a great holiday. It was just a 3 weeks holiday but amazingly I felt so refreshed that when we got back here in England it feels like I have been away for 6 months. Anyway, here are some pictures taken during the said holiday.

Bohol's famous Tarsier monkey

Loboc's Floating Restaurant
Virgin Island
Dolphin's at Pamilacan Island

Ostrich farm in Opol Misamis Oriental
Zip zone at Dahilayan Bukidnon
Zip zone, Longest in Asia
DEL MONTE Bukidnon

SM Cebu