Friday, 26 February 2010

Planned holiday

My husband and I have just received a wedding invitation from his cousin in Arizona, and I am very excited about it. Since I have not been to America, my husband has planned to go to take me there for a two weeks holiday and meet his relatives there and then attend on his cousin’s wedding. His cousin offered us a free accommodation and also offered to let my husband use his second car which is a ford escort ZX2. This is actually his cousin's first car, he bought it new last 2001 and since he like the performance and the design of the car, he had decided to keep it for good.
Last Saturday, he and his fiancĂ©e have been to the Grand Canyon national park using the ford car so he can test out the performance of the car since he had not used it on a long drive for almost a year. He said, it runs okay but when they stop over a gas station on coming back, he had notice that the timing belt is a little loose, so he had it check and replace at Phoenix auto repair shop and got it fix in just two hours. He said he was amazed on how quick and good they had fixed it, and now the car runs superb! So as a very satisfied customer, he has told and recommend the shop to everyone he knows, including my husband. Well, at least my husband now knows where to have it fixed if something goes wrong with the car, as he has also planned in taking me to the Grand Canyon as soon as we arrived in Arizona. Well, I guess there is only one thing that needs to be sorted out now, it’s the plane tickets!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Yahoo messenger on blackberry Bold 9700

When I got this phone, it took me two days trying to figure out how I can use it for yahoo messenger without paying for a data plan. First I downloaded opera mini 5 beta on my computer and then load it in my mobile. This thing is like a browser and you can access yahoo mail as well as the messenger there for free, the only thing is that when your log-in, your messenger status would be I’m mobile with the little mobile icon beside it. You will then refresh it periodically to check for new messages. Also you have to make sure that your connection preference is wifi only, you can do this by doing this procedure: first go to set up, then options, then look for mobile options, once you are in mobile option, you can see the mobile preference and set it to wifi only. Once you have done that part, go back to opera mini, go to yahoo website, and log in to your messenger. Just always remember to use wifi only on your connection preference so you will not be charge by your mobile network for internet usage.
If you dont want to get a mobile icon and a Im sms message on your messenger when you sign in to yahoo messenger on your phone you may also want to read my other post on using messenger on a wifi phone, this will enable you to log into yahoo messenger without downloading it.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Postnatal body

After I had my little one my body has never gone back to what it was before I got pregnant. My breast has changed; the curve is gone, got stretch marks and a sagging tummy. Oh, how I hate to look at myself in the mirror! I did a lot of exercise and have been controlling my food intake and it seems that my weight would go down and up again in just a couple of days. I also tried taking diet pills, and suffer from chronic diarrhoea. I guess the last option that came across my mind is to undergo a surgical procedure, like having a Liposuction, as I have seen a lot of celebrity interviews who went on the process and have a gorgeous body after the procedure. I thought a lot about it as I have seen a clinic that offers zero interest to their customers, just perfect for people like me who cannot afford to pay in full amount. Anyway, thinking about the cost you spend in all the diet pills and exercise equipment that doesn’t work, Liposuction might come cheaper than what you expected it to be and best of all you can see the results right away.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dating matters

My first date was not very nice, I happen to date an officemate’s friend who is so boring and actually a bit weird. It started when I met him on my officemate’s birthday party. The next day my officemate told me that he was very interested in getting to know me and want to call me to ask out on a dinner date. It turned out to be a not memorable kind of date, not that he was a bad man or something but it’s just that I did not feel any connection at all, all he did was talk a lot about him and his previous girlfriend, and I was totally turned off. Anyway, I was thankful that my experience with husband turned out different as we started dating online and let our relationship grows from there. It’s just so amazing how technology can bring people together, and you will be amazed that you will be paired with someone your compatible with in most aspects. I know that there are still some people out there who look at online dating as not normal, but I totally disagree because I know a lot of people who successfully got married because of dating websites.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Furniture adds character

I do believe that a furniture adds character and elegance to every household that is why when my husband decided to have the bedroom redecorated I have then started looking for new sets of furniture’s to come up with a good relaxing ambiance. Although I want character, I also prefer it to be contemporary like the one I saw on the internet called Ashley Furniture. The whole design collection of furniture’s was absolutely beautiful and full of character. I actually have fallen for the wooden furniture specially the bedroom hall dresser, it looks so lovely and I can just imagine how the bedroom would look like with that near the door. I have seen a lot of these type and they are mostly wooden furniture’s which I think would give every home a relaxing feeling which is perfect for a cottage type house or if you just fancy a Victorian interior design. Anyway, this is just my personal idea of adding up a character into a house and as of my plan to buy that lovely hall dresser; it is still under the approval of the house treasurer which is my husband. You see, he is always looking up for good price deals or should I say a bargain!

Blackberry Bold 9700

My husband surprised me with this blackberry bold 9700 phone just two days ago and it really is fantastic! I would say over all this phone is quality as it feels and look’s durable and I find it very easy to use. The battery of this phone is superb, as constantly playing and browsing on the internet for two days it has only taken out one bar. The application of the phone is excellent, easy to use for e-mailing, web browsing and texting too. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn about this amazing device and still exploring, so I will just update this post once I discover more on what this phone can do.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Stylish yet low priced glasses

I have been using contact lenses for two years and due to eye infection, I was advised by my doctor to stop using it and get a pair of eye glasses. Anyway, I was browsing the internet looking for an eye glasses when I came across this article which I find very interesting, it was an article from where in a local expert in New York City named Mr. Eric Hammer wrote an article about cheap quality eyeglassesfrom just $8 a pair, and the best thing about it is that as a reviewer of the product he had been using the same optical glasses brand for the past eight years and based on his review he was very satisfied with it. So, I went to check it out and could not believe what I saw, so many stylish glasses, very fashionable and absolutely bargain prices! The company offers full prescription glasses which I think is very good when it comes to health, safety and users comfort. I also found out that only sells their own manufactured brand and they bring the product to every customer direct from their factories so buyers will not have to pay an excess payment for the retailers, advertisers or even middlemen. As of the quality and durability, I think I would take the examiner Mr. Eric Hammer’s word for it and give it a go.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Beware of Identity fraud and internet scams

Recently my sister had been a victim of identity fraud; someone has pretended to be her and scammed two of her friend by selling them mobile call cards. This type of fraud seems to be very common now a day and could happen to everyone. It is very prostrating when you become a victim as you and your bank can end up with a bill and you are accused of something you did not do. Another big scam that has just been release on the news was the Haiti Earthquake Scams online, they have been asking for donations and the money goes into their pocket, not to the Haiti victims. Anyway, it’s always best to be aware of fraud and scam situations going on, so you might consider these safety tips I found on a government website, this will help you stay safe from these common problems.
Top tips: how to stay safe from ID theft
Using just a few of your personal details, criminals can apply for bank accounts, credit cards, benefits and official documents in your name.
Here are some tips to help you stay safe.
Online tips

To stay safe online:
• delete suspicious-looking emails without opening them
• keep a good firewall on your home computer
• don't use the same password on all websites
• refuse to give personal information to any company that emails or calls you unexpectedly
• keep your credit card within view when paying at restaurants or shops
• don't respond to emails that seem to be from your bank asking you to 're-enter' your personal details; your bank will not ask you to do that
• don't buy online unless you see the golden padlock on the payments page, and a web address beginning with 'https'
• install all security updates and 'patches' offered by your computer software company

Offline tips
To stay safe offline:
• shred all personal information before throwing it away in your rubbish; this includes bank statements, anything containing National Insurance details, salary information, even old membership cards
• tear off and destroy the name and address on the envelopes you receive before throwing them away
• never give out your personal information when you could be overheard
• don't leave personal documents visible in your home; keep them somewhere safe
• tell your utility company and local authority (for Council Tax and electoral register) when you move house
• keep your banking and credit card PIN numbers safe - no bank will ever phone you to ask for your PIN
• make sure your letterbox is secure, and that post can get through and fall safely to the floor
• if you live in a shared building, ask your bank if you can pick up new debit cards or cheque books at your branch

Monday, 15 February 2010

DIY Bride

A friend of mine is getting married this June and she is one the so called DIY brides. I have been to her flat yesterday and she has showed me all the things she has picked herself from jewelleries, invitations, music CD’s, make-up’s to the wedding attires. She doesn’t look stress at all, so I ask her how she manages to do it all. She showed me a worksheet, and I was very impressed on what I see, seems everything is well planed and all have been booked and paid for. She told me her parents did help a lot when it comes to expenses but she and her fiancĂ© have done most of the work. She said it was not really that hard since they have planned it for over year and they have a lot of research in the internet and got most of the ideas and things there like their wedding invitations . It looks so elegant and I could not believe they have got it over the internet and the price they paid for was a bargain. Anyway, I think they have made the right choice of searching over the internet for good deals and great ideas, and it makes things a lot easier and less stressful too. I am very happy for them and wish them all the best on their wedding and I was so glad that I am the first to receive a wedding invitation.

Getting a gum off your hair

I know many kids and teenagers have already been in this sticky situation and what parents do, is just snip it out, well I guess it is ok to snip it out if the gum is sticks on the end part of the hair, but what if it sticks near the root of the hair? Well, there are some solutions you can do to get the gum off the hair. Try using a peanut butter, all you do is put peanut butter on the area around where the gum got stuck, then rub it into your hair and around the gum, then you will see the gum crumble as you rub it. Use your finger to tug gently at it until it comes out, and lastly use a fine tooth comb to get the last bits off. Now if you don’t like the smell of the peanut butter on your hair, you can also use coconut or almond oil, baby oil, or sun block. If you don’t have this stuff, you can also use a mayo or butter and use the same procedure. Good luck!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Business online

I have always wanted to come up with a business and been thinking about it for over a year now. I wanted an online business and I have been told that recently my cousin has already expanded his business online through a webhosting service. Wow! I was so surprised. So, I wrote an email to him asking how was the business doing since it has been a rough recession time and where did he got the webhosting idea? He then replied that the business online is doing well even in the tough recession time and he got the idea of starting a web server when he stumbled on a webhosting review website, he said that as he was reading through the customers review, he then realize that to expand into a larger market place he need to establish his business in the internet. He got a good dedicated server and even though he is not a computer expert, he has managed to come up with a very good website. He also said all you need to do is get a good webhosting deal, check out the services that they offer and also find out more by reading reviews from real customers experiences. He then said that the best way to establish your business online is to get an excellent dedicated web hosting service. I am very excited about it and planning to tell my husband about my online business plan and I hope I will able to show you my very own website within this year.

Message to all my friends

Happy valentine's Day to all my friends!

I am sharing this lovely e-card message to all my friends and blog visitors, and with all my heart, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day!

Monday, 8 February 2010

2nd Birthday

I have posted here some of my daughter's birthday party photos during her 2nd birthday. These photos were taken at McDonalds Cagayan de Oro city Philippines last December 6, 2009. Sorry guys, posted these a bit late as I have been busy when I got back here in the UK with Christmas, new year, and then now I’m up to redecorating the whole house to come up with a whole new look this 2010. Anyway, the party was great! My daughter was so happy, she love’s the mascots and seeing all kids running around. My husband and I were happy with the outcome too, because most of the family and friends were there and it did not exceed our budget.