Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dating matters

My first date was not very nice, I happen to date an officemate’s friend who is so boring and actually a bit weird. It started when I met him on my officemate’s birthday party. The next day my officemate told me that he was very interested in getting to know me and want to call me to ask out on a dinner date. It turned out to be a not memorable kind of date, not that he was a bad man or something but it’s just that I did not feel any connection at all, all he did was talk a lot about him and his previous girlfriend, and I was totally turned off. Anyway, I was thankful that my experience with husband turned out different as we started dating online and let our relationship grows from there. It’s just so amazing how technology can bring people together, and you will be amazed that you will be paired with someone your compatible with in most aspects. I know that there are still some people out there who look at online dating as not normal, but I totally disagree because I know a lot of people who successfully got married because of dating websites.

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Dhemz said...

hello tgwafs....musta na diha? wala nay snow? hehehehe!

sensya na te karon lang ko kabalik..nabuang ko sa akong lappy...g virus ko sa Yahoo....waaaaa...glad it got back to normal na nauon....:)

si Chloe te, tabian naba kaau? nag potty na sya? hehehhe!

sos si akesha tawon woi, makabuang kay d muhonong ug pangutana...waaaaaaa...tabian na kaau....joker!

na kami ani te kay mga 5 years pa jud me maka sure kamo maka uli mo ani puhon before mag 3 years kay dako man sahod si banana nimo...ehehhe!

wala baka plan mag work diha te?

na maau paka dire kay bibo pa imong opps...maau pod nga imong g balik imong old nga url kay naa PR...ehehhehe!

nag try baka sa te? dako sila ug offer pag dako imong PR....:)

sige te, agi ko kadali kay naa pako eye appt ugma...matog nako...mwah!