Friday, 19 February 2010

Furniture adds character

I do believe that a furniture adds character and elegance to every household that is why when my husband decided to have the bedroom redecorated I have then started looking for new sets of furniture’s to come up with a good relaxing ambiance. Although I want character, I also prefer it to be contemporary like the one I saw on the internet called Ashley Furniture. The whole design collection of furniture’s was absolutely beautiful and full of character. I actually have fallen for the wooden furniture specially the bedroom hall dresser, it looks so lovely and I can just imagine how the bedroom would look like with that near the door. I have seen a lot of these type and they are mostly wooden furniture’s which I think would give every home a relaxing feeling which is perfect for a cottage type house or if you just fancy a Victorian interior design. Anyway, this is just my personal idea of adding up a character into a house and as of my plan to buy that lovely hall dresser; it is still under the approval of the house treasurer which is my husband. You see, he is always looking up for good price deals or should I say a bargain!

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