Monday, 15 February 2010

Getting a gum off your hair

I know many kids and teenagers have already been in this sticky situation and what parents do, is just snip it out, well I guess it is ok to snip it out if the gum is sticks on the end part of the hair, but what if it sticks near the root of the hair? Well, there are some solutions you can do to get the gum off the hair. Try using a peanut butter, all you do is put peanut butter on the area around where the gum got stuck, then rub it into your hair and around the gum, then you will see the gum crumble as you rub it. Use your finger to tug gently at it until it comes out, and lastly use a fine tooth comb to get the last bits off. Now if you don’t like the smell of the peanut butter on your hair, you can also use coconut or almond oil, baby oil, or sun block. If you don’t have this stuff, you can also use a mayo or butter and use the same procedure. Good luck!

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