Friday, 26 February 2010

Planned holiday

My husband and I have just received a wedding invitation from his cousin in Arizona, and I am very excited about it. Since I have not been to America, my husband has planned to go to take me there for a two weeks holiday and meet his relatives there and then attend on his cousin’s wedding. His cousin offered us a free accommodation and also offered to let my husband use his second car which is a ford escort ZX2. This is actually his cousin's first car, he bought it new last 2001 and since he like the performance and the design of the car, he had decided to keep it for good.
Last Saturday, he and his fiancĂ©e have been to the Grand Canyon national park using the ford car so he can test out the performance of the car since he had not used it on a long drive for almost a year. He said, it runs okay but when they stop over a gas station on coming back, he had notice that the timing belt is a little loose, so he had it check and replace at Phoenix auto repair shop and got it fix in just two hours. He said he was amazed on how quick and good they had fixed it, and now the car runs superb! So as a very satisfied customer, he has told and recommend the shop to everyone he knows, including my husband. Well, at least my husband now knows where to have it fixed if something goes wrong with the car, as he has also planned in taking me to the Grand Canyon as soon as we arrived in Arizona. Well, I guess there is only one thing that needs to be sorted out now, it’s the plane tickets!

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