Sunday, 21 February 2010

Postnatal body

After I had my little one my body has never gone back to what it was before I got pregnant. My breast has changed; the curve is gone, got stretch marks and a sagging tummy. Oh, how I hate to look at myself in the mirror! I did a lot of exercise and have been controlling my food intake and it seems that my weight would go down and up again in just a couple of days. I also tried taking diet pills, and suffer from chronic diarrhoea. I guess the last option that came across my mind is to undergo a surgical procedure, like having a Liposuction, as I have seen a lot of celebrity interviews who went on the process and have a gorgeous body after the procedure. I thought a lot about it as I have seen a clinic that offers zero interest to their customers, just perfect for people like me who cannot afford to pay in full amount. Anyway, thinking about the cost you spend in all the diet pills and exercise equipment that doesn’t work, Liposuction might come cheaper than what you expected it to be and best of all you can see the results right away.

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