Saturday, 20 March 2010

About online dating

Many people now a day have been trying their luck to meet that someone special over the internet and one of the most popular ways of meeting that someone is through online dating. I have met my husband on a dating website, we got match up on a compatibility result, became good friends and then relationship went well and so we got married. There are actually so many successful relationships that only started on an online dating website and I think one reason that these relationships work out so well is because of the excitement it gives to a person of knowing a total stranger. I was actually surprised when I read an article of an online dating, I could not believe how many people who would join in seeking for a relationship online every day, how many of those people will get engage per month, and how many people got married in a year, all because of online dating. I find the article very entertaining and I would recommend it to those people who want to give online dating a go, this online dating statistics might be a sort of inspiration for you, just so you would know there are many people out there found their true love online, just like me.

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