Friday, 19 March 2010

Bed Bugs

When my husband came home from work yesterday, I was surprised to see 3 little red welts in his forehead and some in his arms. It doesn’t look like allergies and by just looking at it, it looks like little pest bite marks. So I looked it up on the internet for similar welts that I saw on his skin to find out what those bites are and to my surprised those were bed bug bites. I ask him how did he got those and he told me he was just resting his head on an office chair on their resting area, then when he woke up, he feels a bit of itch on his head and arms. I do not want any bed bugs in the house, so I told him to get a hot shower and I wash his clothes right away at 90 degrees on the washing machine to make sure that the bed bugs will die. After that incident, I wanted to make sure that the house is free from bedbugs, so this morning I had a little research and found a website that is all about bedbugs and bed bug bites. I find this website very useful as I learn a lot on how to know if your house got bed bugs and also got a few ideas on the inching treatment for my husband.

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