Sunday, 28 March 2010

Blackberry data plan

When I got my blackberry phone a month ago, I only use a wifi access because I thought it would be expensive if I would get a data plan. I have manage to connect on the internet using yahoo messenger without a data plan but my problem is that when there is no internet access, like if I’m out and about, I could no longer use the internet. I am on pay as you go and only load £10 a month but I have a dolphin tariff which gives me a 300 free txt and 100MB access for browsing the internet. I feel that the 100mb internet was a bit useless, because I still can’t access anything on my blackberry. Two days ago I phoned up 450, the orange customer service. Then I ask why I can’t access the internet on my blackberry phone, she had advice me that I need a data plan or a BIS and in order to get this data plan I have to register my sim and phone on blackberry orange, and have to pay £5 a month to get an unlimited access for all blackberry applications like Facebook, MySpace, and my email. This also includes using yahoo messenger, windows live messenger, AOL, Google talk, ICQ and many more. However this does not include browsing the internet, but since I am on dolphin tariff I can then use the free 100mb internet browsing every month. So basically the £10 load a month, £5 will be automatically deducted for the data plan or BIS, and I will be left with the remaining £5 for phone calls. But still I can get the 300 txt to any network plus 100mb internet usage for browsing if I top up every month. I actually find brilliant! As I can now use the internet whenever I am travelling, and whenever at home, I don’t need to open the computer to log in my yahoo messenger and check my emails, as it will just directly go onto my phone inbox messages. I am not promoting orange but I think since I got a blackberry phone I might as well use it for what it is indented for, receiving emails, messages on messenger, as well as texting and using it as a phone. It is just a brilliant smart phone!


amy said...

it is can access radio stations too...just check out the blackberry apps...too many applications that you will surely love

Anonymous said...

what did you have to do to get a data plan? did you do it over the phone or something?

marifen said...

just top up your phone and phone the customer service, they will activate it for you within 24 hours.