Friday, 5 March 2010

Cheap prescription eyeglasses

I would like to share this website where you can get a really good pair of eye glasses from just $8 a pair. Yes, $8 indeed! I cannot believe how affordable these eyeglasses are, until I went to check it out myself. The price ranges from just $8 to $39 and they are very stylish! I first heard about it from my sister in Florida about two years ago, she uses a bi-focal and since it is very expensive to get one from a high street shop, she has decided to get it online and then she found one for just an amazing price of $25. She was first hesitant to get it, because she was worried that the quality might not be good, but surprisingly when she got it, she said it was the same quality as the old one she had which she got from an optician shop and has paid more than twice the price for same quality eye glasses. She was actually very happy with it and when I told her lately the that I had enough with my contact lenses and had decided to get a pair of eyeglasses, she told me to check out where she got her eye glasses and so I did! I now got a lovely pair of eyeglasses with a matching polarized magnetic snap-on sun lens. I definitely got a bargain!

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