Monday, 22 March 2010

Consequences of a cheap oven toaster

Just got an oven toaster from the shop and was so disappointed with it, it was made so cheaply that it gets extremely hot to the point that it burnt the outer enamel on the oven top. My husband has always warned me not to get a very cheap as they do not usually last long and they are not good compare to the proper priced products, but I insisted in getting this crappy one as I thought it looks well and I thought that it would save me a bit of money. But I was wrong, I should have done some research first as there are some reviews of different convection toaster oven brands in the Internet, and should have invested more to a quality made oven toaster with a good brand. I have learned a lesson in buying cheaply make products, and as of the oven toaster that I bought, it is definitely going to the bin as it should have been! I would not take any risk of using it again as it might burn the entire house. I suggest that if you want to get a good quality oven toaster you should invest a little more on a good make, and also try reading some product reviews, that would really help.

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