Friday, 19 March 2010

Facebook password reset emails

I have received a message on my email from Facebook services and it comes with an attach file on it. Funny enough that I got a reset password message on facebook when I don't have a facebook account. My husband got a facebook account and also got the same message but I told him not to open the attachment because I am sure that the attach document is a virus and it will send out information from his computer to the third party. If you got the same message, be very careful and think twice if you want to download the attachment as it might be a virus. This is exactly what the email look like.

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Support Message.
From: Facebook Services
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To: _______ (48KB)

Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
You can find your new password in attached document.

Your Facebook.

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