Sunday, 21 March 2010

Smartphone internet warning

I have just read an article from BBC which had been reported by Brian Milligan about using internet on Smartphone while travelling abroad. It says on his news that by 1 July, new rules will come into force in the European Union which will cap bills for downloading data, but until then people travelling in Europe could face unlimited bills. On that report I have read a couple of stories about mobile internet usage and the bills that came up ware really shocking! One of those stories was about a German man who was reported to have charge £41,000 by just downloading a television program onto his phone. There were also a couple of reports where they were charge £590 to £900 cost just by watching television soap onto a mobile phone. So be very careful in using your Smartphone especially when you are on monthly contract as they found out on a research that you could end up paying £8 every megabyte download which is equivalent to an email with a photo attachment and a ten minutes video clip and five music tracks could cost as much as £200. Wow that is a lot!

This is the new EU rules for mobile internet usage I got from BBC website:
If you travel within the 27 countries of the European Union, or Switzerland, you will soon be protected by new rules to limit bills for data downloading.
From the 1 July this year there will be a default limit of 50 Euros (£45) a month.

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