Thursday, 8 April 2010

Authentic Shepard Fairey art prints

My husband has always been a fan of this great street artist Shepard Fairey, in fact he got a copy of Shepard Fairey’s book, got an obey giants art print t-shirt that he kept way back from the1990s, and a famed art print of the windmill by the famous Shepard Fairey, which is now hanging on our wall at the lounge. I did not really know that the windmill was one of shepard fairey art until his brother came to visit the other day. His brother asks him where he got the print and he said he bought it online way back 2005.

As they were having a discussion, I overheard then talking about the art print's authenticity, so just out of curiosity I look it up online today and saw loads of website selling shepard fairey prints, but so far I think I found one online shop that sells authentic Shepard Fairey’s art print collection. I showed it to my husband and he said this website has so far the widest range of shepard fairey art collection he had ever seen and I was right, these prints are authentic as they are signed and numbered individually. So, if you plan to get one of Shepard Fairey art collections like the famous obey giant art, make sure you get an authentic one too, to make it worth keeping for.

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