Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My summer fashion

I have just been looking at my wardrobe and notice that my clothes are now a bit boring. Since it has been a long cold winter, most of my clothes are knitted, fleece and almost uniform of dark colour blue and black jeans. I have not been shopping for clothes lately, and I think the last time I bought a lovely dress was before Christmas day. I definitely think I needed a change with fashion and since its now springtime I have some few ideas of what to get. I wanted my clothes to be more like summer fashion and I have read in a magazine that soft fabric with matt textures are in this 2010. Dresses would be more like strappy floral patterned for the summer, but with can be used in the spring with an additional short cardigan on top and black leggings or tights. A plain white lacy dress would also be great, as this would just mix and match with any accessories. I would probably also get a denim skirt and a couple of coloured blouse, shirts and then two pairs of crop jeans. I do not really need to get a lot clothes, so what I am planning to do is just mix and match every clothes and get the right accessories to get a new look every time I am out. I have also read an article that you should choose clothes that would look great based on your body shape, and based on what I know I am a bit curvy, so the clothes that match my shapes are wrap dresses, waist-cinching belts and wide leg jeans which are usually my kind of style anyway. So there you go, those things that I just mention would be the summer fashion I am looking forward to.

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