Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ways to prevent slugs from eating your flowers

There are several ways to stop slugs from eating your plants and garden flowers and these are by:

  • Cutting a plastic bottle and its bottom and put it around your plant or flower.
  • Cutting wide strips of sand paper and make a circle around your plant and flower.
  • You can also buy a crushed eggshells and diatomaceous earth from a garden shop.
  • Or you can also use a beer by burying several mayo size lids, or cut off plastic cups or even the beer cans and fill them with beer. You want them to be level with the ground and close to the plants.

So far I have only done the first and the second one and it works well in preventing slugs from eating my garden flowers. The third and fourth options also works very well according to most of my friends based on their own experience.

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