Thursday, 27 May 2010

Please look my CV. Thank you. email scam!

This is one of the ongoing scam emails I have been receiving lately, an email that says “Please look my CV. Thank you.” Well this type of scammers just won’t stop and will do anything to steal people’s files and identity, so they send out emails with an attachment hoping somebody would open and download their virus. What happen is that they once you have opened the file and download the attachment, this virus will then track everything in your computer and send out all information’s to the third party which is of course the hacker or should I say the sender of email scam!
Anyway, I am just posting this just to warn everyone that this email is a scam! And the attached file is a virus and not a CV, so be very careful! Never open this attachment as this would steal all your details. I have here a copy of the email just to let you see what it looks like:

Please look my CV. Thank you.
From: Katina Prater
Add to Contacts
To: (60KB)

I have figured out that you have an available job.
I am quiet intrested in it. So I send you my resume,

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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