Saturday, 29 May 2010

Save energy and money with temperature controllers

I would just like to share this device our school has got few months ago. The school technician has installed a room temperature control at the office which allows people like me from the school administration department to have access and control of the room temperatures on all the classrooms and offices in the school. I have been working in this school for the past 3 years and 6 months and have notice a big difference when it comes to the schools heating and electricity bills. The bills have so far gone down to almost a half of the usual billing and the school head master was very impressed about it, in fact he has also added a natural ventilation control which provides indication and positional control of window vents.

I think this device is just brilliant! Not only does it save a lot of money but it also keeps all the rooms in the desired average temperature. These room temperature controllers will go great with temperature sensors and they are very affordable, so I think you must have this device if you got a business that holds more than 1 room like a hotel or even a school. This will definitely save you energy and money!

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