Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Seach and download PDF for free

For anyone who likes using PDF format, here is your chance to try this new search engine for PDF files. Many people do use this type of format as it is useful for businesses and sometimes people just like using it as they find it more users friendly. I have actually just seen this PDF search engine and I think it is very interesting! I am not very familiar about this since I only saw this recently, however I have notice that they got so many lists of EBooks which is very handy if you are searching for something. Very handy for students as they can just browse in seconds and get instant results, plus you could download your searches for free. This could also be handy for personal use, as you can search any type of manuals from personal gadgets to home appliances, then download and print it out, so you get your very own manual or even user guide. Not only this, but this search engine also has categories in fields of businesses and finance, religion, sports, science, travel, social, medical, or even holiday, so you got a lot of options to choose from. Anyway, this pdf search engine is for free, so you might as well just try it out and see if it any use to you.

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