Sunday, 6 June 2010

California’s top ranked university

If you are getting ready for a university or college or perhaps like me, thinking of getting into a higher education, then I think you should check out this University of Redlands in California. Why University of Redlands? Well, aside from the fact that this University has been rated as one of Americas Best Colleges in 2010 the school has also maintained its high academic standards as well as letting the students experience and enjoy a rich cultural and social scene. How did I know that? Well, I did some research and my sister is one of the alumnea of the university, she had her business degree and she did say she had a great time at the Inland Empire collage and would recommend this University to everyone.

Anyway, here is some good news for an adult learner who wishes to finish their business degree. I have read on the website that the California business school now got 8 different locations to choose from in southern California, so you can choose which of these places would be the most convenient, plus you could get a chance of getting up to $2,400 scholarship! The university actually has a lot to offer when it comes to figures and facts, so I think it is now for you to find out what it is, mind you, this is the only university in southern California to be ranked as both A+ School and best value by US news and world report. Now, that is something you would not want to miss! If you require more information about the University, I would encourage you to visit the website of University of Redlands for more details.

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